Living The Good Life With Fria’s Superfoods

Superfoods. They’re kind of a thing. Ever since I did my juice cleanse not too long ago, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with healthy eating. I’d say this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a difficult thing if you consider how sugar-and-additive-laden modern products are. And if they’re not, well, then often they’re just really yuk (I’m generalising here). But yay for me (being a foodie and all), I stumbled upon a Cape Town start-up called Fria’s Superfoods that aims to rectify this problem by producing delicious treats that are actually good for you!

Now, I’d heard about Fria’s Superfoods quite a bit in the last few weeks as some of my favourite people in the world act as ambassadors for her brand. So when I got the chance to meet the wonderful Fria in person and join her on a kitchen adventure, I was pretty ecstatic!

Fria's Superfoods Fria Hiemstra

*Superfood mastermind: the lovely Fria Hiemstra and her cute puppy, Lolita

Fria is a tough cookie. She has a full-time job, so most of her superfooding occurs in the early hours of the morning. She invited me to come join her in her home kitchen from 6am onwards (gasp!), and being a busy girl myself I made it there by 7am with the lure of superfoody smoothies. Being in the kitchen with Fria taught me many things – but mostly it taught me that there really is no substitute for passion. It’s the only thing that can keep you going to get up at ridiculous hours every day, slave away, and put endless amounts of energy, love, and effort into every little thing you produce. And passion is something Fria is definitely not lacking!

In order to show me the best of the Fria’s Superfoods world, Fria set out to make as many of her goodies for me as she possibly could in the few hours we had together before she went off to her 9am job. And what exactly are these goodies? Well, in a nutshell, Fria’s Superfoods focuses on ‘healthy sprouted protein treats’. These are sweet treats that are sugar-free, stuffed with superfoods and protein, and healthy to boot. I wouldn’t recommend eating a whole box of them (I tried), but a few yummy treats here and there are definitely the way to go.

Fria's Superfoods Lemon Bliss Balls

My personal favourite – the lemon bliss balls!

Some of Fria’s treats include Lemon Bliss Balls, Black Bean Truffles, Sweet Potato Brownie Cake Pops, and Coconut Bombs. She also makes an amazing Snickers cake! These are made with only the best ingredients – no flour, no sugar, no harmful additives, no eggs, and no dairy. Plus, they can be made to be vegan as well! My personal favourites are the Lemon Bliss Balls – super zesty with a tang of sweet for absolute deliciousness! The Sweet Potato Brownie Cake Pops are also a winner. I wasn’t sure about the sweet potato part initially, but turns out it’s pretty yum! And her best-seller? The Snickers cake!

I pretty much fell in love with Fria’s Superfoods instantly. And because I like sharing the love, I’m gonna have to share some of Fria’s Superfoods goodies with you – in an epic competition where you can win R1000 worth of yummy treats. But you’re gonna have to wait until next week to enter that one 😉

Fria's Superfoods Goodie Box

*Fria’s Superfoods goodie box

For now (because I know you’re curious), you can head on over to the Fria’s Superfoods website and get all the info on her treats, recipes, and price lists. I’d recommend a Goodie Box Mix to start so you can try a bit of all her goodies. Don’t forget to include some Lemon Bliss Balls! You can also check out Fria’s Superfoods on Facebook and Instagram.

We’ll be back soon. Until then, happy munching!

*Photos marked by an asterisk courtesy of Louis Hiemstra

Written by Benike Palfi

Review Date: February 2017