The Light Side Café Now Showing At The Space

Light Side Cafe

We’ve been to Now Showing at the Space numerous times before. It’s a unique concept store with fashion shop The Space downstairs and ever-changing pop-ups upstairs. For now the upstairs area is graced by a beautiful art and craft store and the Light Side Café, which will be there until the end of January 2018.

The Light Side Café is a funky little spot, and what first attracted me to it was the humour on its menu. Indeed, the entire spot screams creativity, which is great for people like me who love new things and feasting one’s eyes on tons of decorations. There’s tons of art and crafty things all around. And the menu itself is printed on the first page of books – so you’ll always be entertained, no matter what.

Light Side Cafe store

From notebooks to soaps, you’ll find it all

Light Side Cafe craft

Some of the artsy things at the pop-up store

Light Side Cafe menus

Yes, these books are all menus

The café is known for its exquisite breakfasts, but I visited them for their vegan lunch menu. Now, I’m not vegan, so it takes quite a lot to impress me with a vegan dish. But the Light Side Café quite pleasantly surprised me. The vegan lunch comes at a set price of R195, and includes four cold dishes as well as a glass of Rosalie Rose wine. The dishes are sub-divided into four categories: Start, Soup, Savoury, and Surprise.

The start dish, i.e, the starter, was a dish of pani puri bombs, with puduni pani water, chilli cumin, and chick peas. Basically you smash open one side of the little bombs, fill the centre with chick peas, top it up with puduni pani water, and stuff the whole thing in your mouth before it falls apart. It was delicious, yes, but more than that it was oodles amounts of fun! And we all know that the timeless adage of ‘don’t play with your food’ is silly – always play with your food! It’s fun. Just don’t waste it.

This was followed by the soup dish: Chargrilled cucumber, horseradish, soy sunflower seed, and flax Tapioca crisps. This dish made me a little nervous. Chilled cucumber soup? Bizarre. But surprisingly delicious and I gobbled it all up in minutes!

The next dish was the savoury option. This consisted of black lentils and carrots, petit pois hummus, zucchini shitake oil, coriander hemp seed pesto, and crispy onions. This was definitely the heartiest of the dishes, but I could hardly finish it! I was already so full from the other dishes, which was a little surprising for a usual meat-lover like me! Who know vegan dishes could be so yummy and so filling????

Light Side Cafe lunch

The vegan lunch spread

Light Side Cafe wine

Rosalie rose

Light Side Cafe sweeties


The last dish, the surprise, is the little sweet addition: a Las Paletas ice lolly and meebos sweetie. There were different ice lollies available, but I went for the Valencia Orange, which provided the perfect mix of sweet and tart to end a delicious meal. Obviously I’ve been in love with Las Paletas for a while – #ThinkingBackToWhenIHadTwoADay ….

The Light Side Café is definitely a spot that I would recommend to all vegans and non-vegans alike. If you can make ‘special’ food taste real good, then you definitely have a winning recipe!!!!

You’ll find The Light Side Café upstairs at Now Showing at the Space at 109 Waterkant Street in De Waterkant. The Light Side Café will be open for breakfast and lunch until the end of January 2018. For more information, visit their website here.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: December 2017