Kahvé Road Coffee Capsules

Kahve Road tasting notes

I am a serious coffee drinker.  I don’t do instant and I don’t do weak filter coffee either.  So when I was invited to the Kahvé Road Coffee Capsules launch, I was obviously very excited about the prospect of having numerous cups of premium blended coffee! 

Almost all of the reviews that I do for I Love Foodies are at places I’ve never been to.  I don’t know if that means that I need to get out more or whether we are just continuously being blessed with new restaurants cropping up all over Cape Town.  Maybe a combination of both.  Kahvé Road is situated in Cavendish Square and a bit far for me to drive for a quick cuppa (us town people, you know), but if you are in Claremont then you need to add them to your must-visit list.  They use their coffee capsule boxes as part of the decoration inside the cafe.  The walls are literally lined with them.  And their glass pane display counters are a food photographer’s dream.  Coffee beans and spices line the counters on the one side and a selection of their patisserie the other.

Kahve Road jars

Diverse offering at Kahve Road

Kahve Road eclairs

Selection of eclairs

Kahve Road macaroons


Kahvé is Turkish for coffee.  Kahvé Road can therefore be loosely translated as the start of coffee’s journey or your coffee journey.  And they indeed take you on a journey of coffee when you enter their cafe.  Even if you are not a coffee lover they have specially brewed drinks for you. On arrival, we were first treated to some of their in-house brewed lemonades: a tonic and a ginger ale. Both of them refreshing and glorious to drink.  Their cold rooibos is a surprising treat. Not one of my usual drinks of choice, but I find theirs very tasty.

The Five Different Coffee Capsules

Their coffee capsules come in five different flavours: four coffee blends and one rooibos tea blend.  They found inspiration for and named their flavours after ancient or lost cities, and that is why you will ask for the Petra, Machu Picchu, Babylon, Troy or Chan Chan blend at their cafe.  We were invited to try all the coffee and I am suddenly glad for the small cups the coffees are served in.  And the frothy milk it is served with.  I am not ready to drink my coffee unsweetened AND black.

My plus one and I decided that we were going to have all the coffee together as you do with a beer tasting.  That way you can compare them better. So we did exactly that and prepared to not sleep a wink that evening.  Fortunately our first blend was decaf.  The decaf blend takes you to the ancient city of Troy, famous for the large wooden horse that was used to take over the city. Like the epic tale itself, the Troy blend promises to surprise you with its intensity and good body and will reveal complexities and layers with every sip.  The coffee beans are sourced from Mexico and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kahve Road coffee capsules

Kahve Road coffee capsules

The next flavour is called Babylon, after the city famous for the beauty and majesty of its hanging gardens.  The Kahvé Road Babylon blend offers a decadent aroma of fresh cream and hazelnuts, and a sweet creamy flavour of dark cocoa. Since I love a good strong coffee I suspected that this would be my favourite, but I was surprised by the smoothness of their next blend, the Machu Picchu.

My favourite Kahvé Road blend, the Machu Picchu, is inspired by the famous lost city of the Incas.  Machu Puchu was built to blend into its surrounding natural beauty and this is what the blend aims to do.  I couldn’t taste the melon and orange, but definitely experienced the smooth aftertaste.

Their Petra blend was designed for the South African market. It is named after the ancient lost city in Jordan, a meeting place for merchants of silks, spices, secrets, and stories. Kahvé Road’s Petra blend sources coffee from Guatemala, Ethiopia and Colombia to create an aroma of caramelised berry.

Kahve Road tasting

Coffee tasting

Chan Chan is their Rooibos espresso blend.  The rooibos is harvested right here in the Cederberg.   According to legend, the city of Chan Chan, located in Peru, was built entirely with sun-dried clay and adorned with intricate carvings of geometry and nature.  The inspiration for their rooibos espresso was to use nature’s best ingredients to create a caffeine-free tea that transports you to a place of harmony. The rooibos blend was one of my favourites as well.  I think we don’t always realise how special rooibos actually is.  We are so used to having it in abundance that we tend to forget the amazing health benefits of this wonder plant.

Foodie Times

No coffee is complete without a treat and we were thoroughly spoilt in this department.  The pastries are all made at their bakery in Woodstock and are certified Halaal.  After being treated with the tastiest quiches I have had in a long time (honey-glazed butternut, leek and goats cheese AND spicy spinach, soy mushroom and cured lamb), we had the most flavourful and tender butter chicken curry.

Kahve Road quiche


Kahve Road dessert

Dessert treats

For dessert we could choose any of their beautiful pastries laid out on their marbled counters.  I had it all.  A unicorn bubblegum and red velvet cake macaron and two eclairs.  I sadly couldn’t finish it all as ten little cups of coffee is quite filling.  All superb.

The capsules all fit a Nespresso machine and can be ordered online from the Kahve Road website.  For more information, check them out on Instagram and Twitter. Kahve Road is open Monday – Friday from 07:30 till 19:00 and Saturday and Sundays from 08:00 till 18:00. You’ll find them at Cavendish Square in Claremont.

Written by Fria Hiemstra

Article Date: November 2017