Skip A Trip To India And Eat At Bombay Brasserie Instead

Low-hanging crystal chandeliers, carefully selected luxury fabrics, rich chestnut wood accents, and the aroma of Chef David Tilly’s culinary creations are just a few of the things you can expect when you visit the newly revamped Bombay Brasserie at the Taj Hotel.

As you walk in, you are instantly transported to Bombay … With high ceilings that frame the traditional yet trendy interior. The friendly staff are eager to make your Bombay Brasserie experience one to remember – so expect to be treated like King Ashoka the Great himself.

Us guests had some time to explore the multilevel establishment before being addressed by the culinary magician – Chef David. He let us in on what Bombay Brasserie has been working on, behind the scenes, for the past few months. Plating up dishes that would wow even the most traditional Indian cook is something Bombay Brasserie has always done – and why mess with an already winning recipe? Pardon the pun.

The Winning Samosa

Speaking of winning recipes. We started off with a hearty, crispy samosa – stuffed with perfectly spiced ostrich mince, and accompanied by a herby coriander-yoghurt dressing. Being a Durban-born kid, my mom would often buy us 4-for-R10 samosas from the local Pick’n Pay after school. But let’s just say that, after enjoying Chef David’s samosas, I now know what they’re supposed to taste like!

More Nibbles Before The Main Act

They say that if a person can free-hand draw a perfect circle, they should be considered clinically insane. If this is, in fact, the case, then call him crazy, because Chef David’s perfectly spherical Semolina and Potato Chaats, with a delightfully sweet tamarind yoghurt adjunct – is an example of perfectly balanced, fresh flavours.

Believe it or not, quinoa isn’t just for the health-nuts of the world. And Bombay Brasserie’s Quinoa ‘Tikki’ Kebab is testament to this. This dish is one for the vegetarians, and it comes with a Cumin Raita and fragrant Mint Chutney.

A sumptuous Veggie Kofta Curry followed … And although I’ve always been a classic ‘spaghetti and meatballs’ fan, I think my meatball of choice may, from this point forward, be in the form of a Kofta Curry. Needless to say, whoever said that being a vegetarian is ‘boring’ has clearly yet to visit Bombay Brasserie – because there really is something here for everyone.

Tandoori Tasting Platter

As they brought out the Tandoori Tasting Platter, not only were my taste buds thoroughly treated, but my eyes were wowed too – an abundance of rich colours cloaking the serving platter.

If you are struggling to convince your little humans that veggies are an important part of any well-balanced diet, you need to get your hands on the Mustard Marinated Broccoli Floret recipe. Add a little onion seed sprinkle into the mix, and consider your offspring forever hooked on green veggies. If you’re really keen to up your parenting game, and further broaden your kiddie’s palate, order the truffle mushrooms – a side dish that will undoubtedly wow the most sophisticated palates of grown-ups too.

Breaking the vegetarian streak, we then enjoyed a taster portion of Tulsi Prawns – Basil Pesto Tiger Prawns, complemented by an aromatic saffron yoghurt dressing. From the ocean to the Karoo – a tender Adraki Karoo Lamb Chop followed – bringing some South African flare to the traditional Indian dish. Last on the Tandoori Tasting Platter, we enjoyed a Malai Chicken Tikka – with powerful flavours of cardamom, parmesan, and cumin.

The Proof Is In the Pudding

The saying ‘The Proof is in the Pudding’ couldn’t be truer as we moved on over to the sweeter side of the menu. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy four of Bombay Brasserie’s delectable desserts!

First, we indulged in a Masala Chai Crème Brûlée with a crisp cashew nut biscotti. It was delicious but, unfortunately, the texture was slightly compromised because it was cooked in a tasting-sized ramekin – which resulted in the custard being slightly overcooked. #FoodieProblems. I have no doubt that the full portion is absolutely scrumptious though because the flavour combo was spot on!

The dessert that followed sounded amazing on the menu. And although I adore both Nougat and Ice Cream, this menu item was slightly underwhelming and a tad watery in consistency. Perhaps not enough churning?

The Mango and Coconut Cassata, though, made my heart beat faster than when I bumped into my first crush. It was absolutely yum.

Mango, Passionfruit and Sweet Basil Sorbet followed – a sorbet that may or may not have changed my entire life! Both desserts were totally wow-worthy!

Visit Bombay Brasserie At The Taj Hotel

All in all, don’t spend thousands of Rands travelling to India for their cuisine when you can have all the best dishes right here in the Mother City.

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Bombay Brasserie

Address: 1 Wale Street, Cape Town CBD


Call: +27 21 819 2000

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Written by Claire Williams
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Article Date: November 2019


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