The Hudsons ‘Slide Into The Weekend’ R25 Sliders Deal

Hudsons Slide Into The Weekend

Hudsons has always been many levels of cool. I may be mistaken, but if I remember correctly this was the spot that ignited the burger craze in Cape Town oh so many years ago. Of course there have always been some amazing burger spots around, but Hudsons brought burgers to the next level of cool … and after all these years they still reign strong. One of their more recent burger specials – the Hudsons Slide Into The Weekend deal – makes them even cooler, and we got to try this deal last Thursday, literally as I stepped off my plane arriving back in Cape Town after a few months in London.

What is the Hudsons Slide Into The Weekend deal exactly? Well, every Thursday you get to enjoy R25 sliders from a unique Slider Menu. There are four different menus available, with the actual menu rotating every week. On it you’ll find a selection of the standard Hudsons burgers as well as some slider originals. You can use the R25 slider deal in conjunction with other specials, such as the pretty awesome half price Happy Hour deal! And all of that makes for tons of tastiness at an amazing price.

Hudsons Kloof Street – The Flagship Store

We decided to visit the Hudsons on Kloof Street. This is the flagship Hudsons store, making it a firm favourite, but it’s always been plagued by being a little too small and getting a table was near impossible. Luckily with recent developments in the area, they’ve had the chance to expand and add a larger outdoors section. I think this branch now very strongly competes in terms of comfort with the Green Point branch, but you’ll be winning no matter which branch you go to.

Hudsons Slide Into The Weekend kloof street

Welcome to Hudsons on Kloof

Hudsons Slide Into The Weekend kloof street

The new expanded section at Hudsons on Kloof Street

Getting My Cocktail On

Generally Hudsons staff recommends about three sliders for a decent portion, but I had a horrible time deciding (I’ll blame having spent a gazillion hours on a plane). So to ease the transition period we looked at the drinks menu first. Sabine opted for a bottle of sparkling water, always a safe choice, but I was too ecstatic to be back in the land of not fleshing out £££ that I had to celebrate with a real drink.

Hudsons offers some pretty wicked cocktails – and, again, I couldn’t decide – but our lovely waitress Dana recommended the Pink Lady (R72). This is Whitely & Neil gin topped with pink tonic and candyfloss. I’ll throw in there for my UK readers that this converts to £3.99. Just let that sink in for a second and start planning your trip to Cape Town for foodie heaven already.

Hudsons Slide Into The Weekend menus

All the menus

Hudsons Slide Into The Weekend pink lady cocktail

The Pink Lady

The Burger Feast

On to the burgers. Sabine and I chose:

  • The Royale (beef patty topped with streaky bacon, cheddar, battered onion rings, and chilli oil);
  • The Works (beef patty topped with mustard mayo, tomato relish, cheddar, lettuce, red onion, and home-made pickles);
  • The Player (beef patty topped with streaky bacon, feta & avo);
  • The Boom Boom (beef patty topped with cream cheese, house ketchup beer caps, chilli oil, rocket, and biltong dust); and
  • The Singer (beef patty topped with sriracha mayo, feta & a dusted onion ring).

For sides we chose the Sweet Potato Fries (R39) and the Avo Fries (R45). I decided on the Avo Fries coz they sounded weird and I like weird stuff. Slices of avo, crumbed, and fried, served with sriracha mayo. Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of these, and Dana shared with us that it’s one of those dishes you either love or hate. I was definitely the latter, but would recommend that it’s worth a try and see if you’ll maybe find your next favourite thing.

The burgers, of course, were all great. I should have noted all the chilli and sriracha coz I’m not a spice person at all and they did have a kick to them – but not overwhelmingly so. This time I wanted to try different burgers coz I never do, but I think when I go back – coz there’s no doubt that I will – I’ll opt for having three of The Player, which still remains my favourite Hudsons burger. I mean, bacon, avo, and feta. How could you possibly go wrong with that?

Hudsons Slide Into The Weekend burgers

How pretty are these buns?

Hudsons Slide Into The Weekend burgers and fries

Burgers and fries

Slide Into The Weekend With Hudsons

All in all, the Hudsons Slide Into The Weekend deal is wicked. Honestly. R25 a slider is unbeatable, and it’s definitely perfect for any occasion (which happens to fall on a Thursday). I’d easily say you can just grab one for a quick snack or multiple for a full-on meal. Hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, grab them all and complete the Hudsons Slider Challenge. (I just made that up. It’s not really a thing. Though I think it should be).

You’ll find all the Hudsons Kloof Street details below, but also check out the Hudsons website for details on their other branches in Green Point,  Claremont, Parkhurst, Stellenbosch, Hazelwood, and Bedfordview.

Hudsons Kloof Street

Address: 69A Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday (12:00 – 23:00)


Call: +27 21 426 5974


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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: December 2018


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