Revisiting memories at Hudsons, The Burger Joint

This is Hudsons, The Burger Joint

It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when craft beer and gin, awesome coffee, and perfect burgers weren’t a thing in Cape Town. The time where a fast food place was the only place you would think of buying a burger. And then Hudsons opened in 2009. We thought, wow, just burgers, and good ones?!  A lot of people, myself included, fell in love with actual real burgers. Then the revolution started, great burger places opened everywhere, and it was just expected that they be good. For me, who had been a regular at Hudsons, I got caught up in the magic and ate everywhere else and forgot about Hudsons just a little bit. So when an invite to Hudsons popped up in the I Love Foodies inbox, I literally couldn’t wait to go!

As we walked in to Hudsons in Green Point on a rainy (yay) eve, I said to my sister that I hope I get to write about this from the angle I would like to. I hope Hudsons would do what I wanted them to do: That is, to live up to the expectation! And they did (totally giving away the ending here). We took our seats and our wonderful waitress, Caitlin, walked us through the menu and made some honest suggestions. She was an all-round delight all evening – and wonderful service, as you know, always makes us happy!

The menu is quite extensive with a selection of appetisers, salads, grills (I hear the ribs are amazing), pizzas, and, of course, the burgers! There were so many yummy options on there and deciding was quite a feat, but eventually Benike and I decided that having our favourites from years before would be the way to go …

Hudsons Welcome

The way we like to be welcomed <3

Hudsons Green Point

Green Point view from Hudsons – rainy days are the best!

The Hudsons Cocktails

We wanted to dig straight into the burgers, but Caitlin suggested we give the Hudson cocktails a try first. I am really glad we did. The Pink Lady (R78; Whitley Neill gin, topped with pink tonic and grapefruit) and the Berry Press (R68; gin, sweet and sour fresh berries, topped with soda) were fantastic! The Pink Lady was refreshing, sophisticated, and not too sweet. And the Berry Press was yummy and fun – and full of fruit! Most times cocktails leave me underwhelmed and wishing I stuck to my initial choice of sparkling water. But every now and again it’s nice to be proven wrong!

Hudsons cocktails

The Pink Lady (left) and the Berry Press (right) cocktails

Going Mac ‘n Cheese For Starters

We also decided to try the Mac ‘n Cheese croquettes (R48; served with truffle cheese sauce), simply cause we had never heard of such a thing. I don’t eat pasta etc. but really wanted to take a bite of one of these because they looked like something one ought to eat on a rainy day. They were warm and full of cheesy gooey-ness that reminded me of my childhood and times gone by. Benike ended up devouring most of the croquettes, while I turned to spooning the truffle cheese sauce. Ah, the things siblings can do when eating out … #sharing

Hudsons mac n cheese croquettes

Mac ‘n Cheese croquettes – definitely a thing to try!

Burger Time!!!

Finally, it was time for burgers! Benike had The Shroom (R80; 180g beef patty, cheddar cheese, mushroom sauce). It was as yummy as she remembered, although a bit on the peppery side. I went with The Player (R95; 180g beef patty, streaky bacon, feta, avo). Initially I wanted to order my burger Guido style (no bun, but served on a lettuce leaf), but then saw they had carb-free buns (R15 extra).

I later found out that these buns are made with gluten powder and oats, so they are definitely not for celiacs or anyone following a true Banting lifestyle, and, although tasty – that is the probably the gluten – I would not order them again. But the burger itself was heaven!  At Hudsons, sides are ordered separately from the menu and we shared a very tasty house salad (R34).

Hudsons Burgers

The Hudsons burgers in all their glory

The Memories

Often times in life, it is best to leave good memories as memories, but sometimes it’s good to revisit. And that was Hudsons for me. The burgers were as good as I remembered, as was the service, the vibe, and the all-round experience. There is a reason Hudsons has been around for so long and is still going strong. They just make great burgers! P.S. If you haven’t been to Hudsons yet, you are missing out …

A huge thank you to Hudsons for treating us to your deliciousness and, of course, to the wonderful Caitlin for taking such good care of us.

Visit Hudsons

Hudsons definitely has come a long way since their first flagship store opened up on Kloof Street. And luckily for Hudsons lovers, there are dozens of branches around – Kloof, Green Point, Claremont, and Stellenbosch to name but a few. Visit their official website here for a look at all of their branches, menu, their Make A Burger challenge, and all the info you may need. All Hudsons branches we’ve visited have been super popular, so booking is highly recommended if you want a guaranteed spot! You can book online or contact their various branches directly.

P.S.: They’ve got a super awesome Slide into the Weekend deal running at the moment, where every Thursday you can enjoy their sliders for R20 each! Now if that ain’t great value for money, we don’t know what is!

P.S.S.: Worried about the straws in the cocktails? Don’t be. Hudsons has launched a no-straws initiative and all straws are 100% recyclable and plant-based.

Written by Sabine Palfi

Article Date: April 2018