Harringtons Bistro Nights Got Me Excited

Harringtons Bistro Nights

I love good food (obviously). I love great venues. I love having a great time. And if all of those things combine, well, then yippee, I’m one darn happy girl! Luckily for me, all of those things pop into place every time I visit Harringtons Cocktail Lounge. And my latest excursion to try their Wednesday Bistro Nights just hammered down the fact that this spot has my heart.

Bistro Nights? Yup, your classy party venue is also a very classy food venue, transforming the Gatsbian space from cocktails ahoy to fine dining, background music, and good wine. Coz every Wednesday for the last month (and the foreseeable future), Harringtons has joined forces with a handful of selected wine estate to bring you the utmost in deliciousness. The menu changes a little from time to time, the wine changes every week, but at the root of it, the awesomeness of the evening stays the same.

Harringtons Bistro Nights venue

The venue

Harringtons Bistro Nights booth

Booth areas for larger bookings

The Bistro Nights Deal

See, for only R160 per person (yes, I know you’re astounded so let me say it again: R160 PER PERSON), you’ll probably get the cheapest most exquisite meal in Cape Town. You’ll start off the evening with a welcoming wine, which, apparently, isn’t a full glass but Harringtons has massive glasses so I think the welcoming portion is a full glass and the actual glass of wine is a double. If you’d be able to upsize wine servings, this would be it. See that on the next ‘McDonald’s For Over 18s’ menu.

I digress. So you start off with a welcoming wine, followed by homemade grissini served with the most delicious hummus for the table. There’s an optional soup to start (which will add R30 to your per person price) but if you have a small appetite I wouldn’t recommend this as the actual main course portion is massive. I went the whole nine yards and tried the full deal plus the soup – just for you! Heehee.

Harringtons Bistro Nights grossini

Grossini with Hummus

La Soup

On the night we went, there were two soups to choose from: The Homestyle Chakalaka and a Chickpea & Chunky Vegetable Medley. The chakalaka came highly recommended, so my sister and I decided to share one of those. It’s served with mini boerewors rolls, which is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever heard about, but if you like you’re braai, then you’ll love this. I certainly fell in love and wish I could order a portion of just those!!!! The soup itself is quite large, so it’s perfect to share if you just want a little something something to start, but also turns the Bistro Nights deal into full man-size, so if you’re big and strong and hit the gym all the time, you might want to add this. For me, though, having the soup and the main meal is too much food.

Harringtons Bistro Nights chakalaka soup

Delicious chakalaka soup with boerewors

The Main Dishes

There were three bistro meal choices: Two-Day Oven-Roasted Oxtail, Creamy Wild Mushroom Pasta, and Slow-Braised Pork Belly. The mushroom pasta sounded divine, but I couldn’t resist the Oxtail. It was served with port, tomato, leek, carrot, rosemary, thyme, cloves, bay leaves, buckwheat, spinach, sundried tomatoes, and fresh parsley. So basically a whole lot of goodness. It was all divine. The meat fell of the bone, wasn’t too fatty at all, and it was a brilliantly large portion.

Sabine went for the Pork Belly, served with hints of cinnamon, citrus, and soy, and served on a bed of smokey herb mash potatoes. I’ll take a moment here to remember that smokey mash – because, OMG, that was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever had. If I could create my ideal Harringtons dish, I would take the Oxtail I had and stick it on the smokey mash. Heaven!!!!!

Neither Sabine nor I could finish our portions. I tried desperately to stick as much of her smokey mash into my chipmunk cheeks but it seems that unfortunately that nifty trick doesn’t work for humans (I know, right? How much better would life be if we could all walk around with puffy cheeks to store our food????). I digress again. It must be because I’m still floating in heaven …. But the point is that the portions were massive and we were absolutely stuffed half-way through! Hence the note on skipping the soup if you’re not super starving.

Harringtons Bistro Nights oxtail and pork belly

Oxtail and Pork Belly

Dessert Surprises

But the evening wasn’t over yet … I’m always tempted to insert one of those infomercial lines: ‘But wait, there’s more’. Hahaha. And what was more was a Petit Four Dessert Platter with chocolate brownies and meringues, which was small and cute but perfect for that sweet bite you might crave after a hearty meal. But that’s not all: Each guest at Harringtons Bistro Nights receives a complimentary box of Merci chocolates! If you’ve never had Merci before, these goodies are divine and cost a pretty penny, so getting this as an after-dinner treat was an absolute joy. I knew about all the courses before I went, but the Merci chocolate box was a surprise and I was ecstatic about it!!!!

Harringtons Bistro Nights

The Dessert Platter

The Perfect Dinner Experience

Dinner was quick and easy coz I wanted it to be. My usual get up and go time is somewhere between 5am and 6am, so late nights don’t make me happy. But you can also draw out the evening to last as long as you want. There’s free wine tastings on the night as well, which can certainly keep you occupied. So basically the Harringtons Bistro Nights can be whatever you want them to be: Classy dinner with friends, quick fancy bite to eat, drawn-out evening of wine and fun, really, whatever your heart desires.

I probably don’t need to spell out that I loved the evening. Like, LOVED the evening. I felt like a true 1920s goddess in a fancy restaurant with all the glitz and glamour. The only thing missing in my life is great clothes.

Experience Bistro Nights Yourself

So if you want to feel just like that, then I’d suggest you hop on down to Harringtons Bistro Nights today or any Wednesday to come. It was packed when we went, so booking is highly recommended. To recap the deal:

  • R160 per person: Welcome glass of wine, grossini for the table, wine with dinner, a main meal, dessert platter to share, box of Merci chocolates, wine tasting
  • R190 per person: Welcome glass of wine, grossini for the table, starter soup, wine with dinner, a main meal, dessert platter to share, box of Merci chocolates, wine tasting

Upcoming confirmed wine experiences include Haute Cabriere (5 September) and Mulderbosch (19 September). They’re also combining Bistro Nights with a Dewar’s Comedy Night on 12 September, but prices and experiences differ for this.

For more information on the Harringtons Bistro Nights, check out their entry in the I Love Foodies Specials Directory here. For more information on Harringtons Cocktail Lounge, see below.

Harringtons Cocktail Lounge

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Website: http://thefirmct.co.za/harringtons


Call:+27 21 461 2276

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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: September 2018


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