Halaal Dining at Mugg & Bean Kenilworth

I was recently invited to sample the new summer menu at Mugg & Bean Kenilworth in conjunction with some truly fabulous women from the Hungry for Halaal meet-up group.  Three years ago my daughter began attending a Jewish school and I needed to educate myself on everything kosher in order to comply with the school’s guidelines.  As someone with a linefish allergy, I am also very careful of where and how I eat in order to protect myself from inadvertent cross contamination (it makes being a food blogger a little like walking a tightrope with no net, but so far so good). So I understand that trusting in a restaurant’s ability to cater for and respect your religious needs is paramount to members of the Muslim community. The Mugg & Bean Kenilworth happily steps up to the mark.

On arrival we were given the option of either turmeric ginger slush or root beer ice cream shots.  The turmeric slush looked like liquid sunshine and, being a fan of the spice, I had to give it a try.  I’m going to be honest, it redefined tart, but in a good way and tasted super refreshing.  I had to try a sip or two of the root beer which was reminiscent of the Dr Pepper sodas I used to love when I lived in the States. Also delicious but perhaps more of a dessert than a non-alcoholic aperitif.

Mugg & Bean Kenilworth slushi

Slushi time

Things To Get Started … And More

Our starters and mains echoed the friendly bonhomie of our gathering and were served on platters family-style in order to be shared. Or squabbled over, depending on the item.  The starter platter had generous portions of chicken wings, beef rashers, hassleback potatoes, nachos, and corn fritters.  I loved the chicken wings and hassleback potatoes. And the corn fritters had just the right amount of heat for me but induced teary eyes and a great deal of water gulping from my gorgeous foodie friend for the evening, my niece Christie.

Our main course was a delicious sampling of mini buttermilk chicken burgers, Thai beef salad, Moroccan chickpea salad, mini chicken and avo wraps, and regular and sweet potato fries.  The Thai salad was tasty, light and refreshing, and the chickpea salad was loaded with walnuts and feta. Absolutely delish. The burgers were saucy and the chips were perfectly prepared and seasoned.  I couldn’t fit the wrap in, but Christie assured me it was great and that I was missing out.

Mugg & Bean Kenilworth starters

Starter platter

Mugg & Bean Kenilworth poppers


Mugg & Bean Kenilworth burgers

Burger time

Mugg & Bean Kenilworth Thai beef salad

Thai beef salad

The Adventure Of The Dessert Stomach

This was one of those foodie events where I was very glad that I have a separate dessert stomach, especially when we were each presented with a trio of puds: chocolate cake, cheesecake and carrot cake.   I’m not a huge fan of super rich sweet desserts, so my favourite was definitely the cheesecake. But that was not a unanimous decision as everyone seemed to have their own favourite. 

To round off a fabulous meal, we were offered the choice of either a turmeric or beetroot latte.  I chose the turmeric, which was really creamy and a lovely alternative to coffee for those of us that need to restrict caffeine before bedtime. And also as a way to sooth digestion after perhaps a tad too much food.  The beetroot latte was a really pretty pink colour but I think perhaps a step too far for some culinary tastes.

Mugg & Bean Kenilworth dessert

Dessert trio

As we wind down for the year, I’m glad I got to meet some wonderful women. I really enjoyed the vibe and community feeling of this event. Mugg & Bean Kenilworth seems like a wonderful spot to meet and greet. And it’s particularly awesome for those following the strictly Halaal diet.

For more information on Mugg & Bean Kenilworth, visit the official Mugg & Bean webpage here or check out the Kenilworth Centre website. You can also contact them directly on +27 21 670 5740. They’re open Monday to Friday from 09:00 till 19:00, and Saturdays, Sundays, and on public holidays from 09:00 – 17:00. 

We’ll be back soon with more foodie news!


Written by Gill Eastwood

Article Date: December 2017