Do you struggle to find gluten-free and/or low carb pizza bases that don’t break the bank? You don’t have to if you visit Tru Pizza.

Brothers Terence and Tyrone Loydall, who started Tru Pizza, bridge the current gap in the market by offering wood-fired pizzas with South African flare that accommodate people with dietary restrictions

The Tru Pizza Edgemead Home

I Love Foodies reviewed Tru Pizza a few years back when they first opened their doors and were limited to takeaways in the Milnerton area.

Since then, they’ve found a permanent home in the Edgemead Village Shopping Centre. While you can certainly visit for a quick bite to eat at their store, the main focus is still on takeaways & delivery.

So next time you’re craving pizza but are bound by dietary restrictions, Tru Pizza is the place to call.

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Tru Pizza Interior

The interior is small and designed to grab a quick bite or takeaways

Tru Pizza box

Pizzas still make the best takeout!

Tru Pizza Menu

Take a look at those prices!!!!

The Tru Pizza Menu & Prices

But, of course, Tru Pizza doesn’t only cater to dietary requirements.

You’ll also find a bunch of other, conventional goodies on the menu, including pizzas, a handful of burgers (including a delicious vegan burger), chicken wings, ribs, and a selection of sides.

Price-wise, you’re looking at an average of R110 for a large pizza and R50 for burgers and sides.

Mom n Ty’s Gluten-Free Pizza Bases

Of course, the highlight is the fact that they offer gluten-free and banting-friendly pizza bases.

These are freshly baked by Mom n Ty’s Bakery, a partner company of Tru Pizza.

Ingredients for the gluten-free pizza base: Tapioca, chickpea flour, potato flour, coconut flour, white rice flour, xantham gum, and oil blend.

Ingredients for the banting pizza base: Linseed flour, coconut flour, sunflower seed flour, Xanthan gum, psyllium husk, and an oil blend.

Mom n Ty’s bakery also supplies major chains and individual restaurants all over South Africa. They can also sell frozen bases to individual customers at home.

If this is something you’re interested in, you can e-mail them at or visit them on Instagram or Facebook for more information.

A Tru Pizza Feast - burgers, chicken wings, fries, pizzas

A Tru Pizza feast

The I Love Foodies Experience

As you know, Sabine is a low carber. She’s written about this extensively on I Love Foodies, and you’ll find a collection of all her favourite low carb treats in Cape Town in one of her latest articles.


So when the opportunity to visit Tru Pizza presented itself, we had to go see what their pizza bases were all about.

But, of course, we had to try a few items from the menu:

  • Regina pizza on a classic base (R85 for a medium)
  • BFA pizza on a banting-friendly base (R105 for a medium)
  • BOSS burger with a double beef patty, cheese, and Tru Taste sauce (R65)
  • Truly vegan burger with pickles and lettuce (R60
  • Chicken wings (R45)
Tru Pizza Regina pizza on classic base

Regina pizza on a classic base – truly yum

Tru Pizza Gluten-free and banting-friendly pizza

The banting-friendly bacon, feta, and avo pizza was divine!

The pizzas were very yum

Sabine and I were both super impressed with the pizzas.

These are your classic, thin-crust take-away pizzas that I always think are severely underrated.

It seems that, these days, everyone is focusing on gourmet pizzas with cheese-stuffed crusts and other fancy gibberish, but sometimes all you really want is a good ol’ pizza to hit that spot.

That’s exactly what Tru Pizza does.

The classic base was great, of course, but the banting base was also fantastic.

Gluten-free and banting bases have a tendency of being a little, well, odd, for the lack of a better term.

But the Tru Pizza bases are very yum & I can definitely recommend them – regardless of whether you’re restricted by dietary requirements or not.

Vegan burgers are growing on me

I wasn’t too keen on trying the vegan burger at first but Terence convinced me that it was definitely worth trying.

Ingredients for the Tru Pizza vegan patty: Quinoa, beetroot, chickpeas, lentils, bean paste, and rice flour.

I didn’t expect to really like it but I ended up really enjoying this vegan burger!!!!

Vegan burger

This vegan burger really surprised me!

Beef burger

The BOSS double beef burger

Shop gluten-free and banting-friendly flours and more to create your own pizzas at home at Faithful to Nature. 

Local Is Lekker

It’s always great to be able to support small companies that focus on creating great products for the local consumer.

That’s pretty much what Tru Pizza does.

Their pizzas and burgers don’t break the bank, their gluten-free and banting-friendly bases are super yum, and they’re a company that you’d just fall in love with.

So next time that pizza craving hits you, turn to your neighbourhood hotspot in Edgemead and give these guys a try.

Visit Tru Pizza

Get all the details on Tru Pizza below.

You’ll also find them on all major delivery platforms.

Tru Pizza

Address: Shop 11, Edgemead Village Shopping Centre, Edgemead, Cape Town


Call: +27 21 879 3775

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Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: December 2020


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