Feeling Fresh With Fresch Foods

Fresch Foods Sign

Health food in Cape Town is kinda cool. Why? Coz it doesn’t feel like you’re a sad rabbit stuffing raw kale in your mouth just to age better and feel good about yourself. Nope, health food in Cape Town is actually wicked good. Partly I believe this is because all the health addicts in this city have perfected the art of healthy food so that the rest of us can jump on to the already established bandwagon without having had to go through the initial kale testing phase. And that’s a good thing. (FYI, I actually really like kale).

So there’s a new spot that I’ve recently discovered and it’s all about the healthy – but it’s also quick, convenient, and super tasty. Enter Fresch Foods. You’ll find them tucked away at the top end of Long Street within the Board Hub skating store. It’s a nice mix, skateboards on one side and adorning all the walls, and the healthy Fresch Foods section on the other. I’m a skater, so this was a pretty cool spot to breakfast in.

Fresch Foods

The Fresch side of Board Hub

Fresch Foods skate boards

The boards

The menu at Fresch Foods is simple – juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, bagels, wraps, and salads. Ok, so maybe the bagels don’t really count as healthy, but you’ve gotta add a little bit of yum to even a super healthy menu, right? Most menu items can also be prepared fully vegetarian or vegan, which is great for Cape Town’s ever-growing plant-based crowd.

We started off simply. My friend Nads went for The Red Juice, with beetroot, apple, lemon and ginger (R35). I went the smoothie route and had the Ayoba Berries smoothie, with mixed berries, banana, buchu water, mint leaf, chia seeds, and honey (R40).  Both drinks were lovely and superbly refreshing, and a welcome relief from the R60+ smoothies we’ve all unfortunately gotten used to. The only thing I didn’t like is that they came served in takeaway cups even though we were sitting down. This really didn’t sit well with my ‘save the world from plastic’ efforts. It seems quite a few places do this, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why. That said, with the Cape Town water crisis right now there’s a gazillion reasons for and against everything, so I won’t go into much debate on this.

For our main meals, Nads had the Protein Bagel, with egg, cream cheese, salmon, and rocket (R60).  I had the Lettuce 1 Wrap (R45; lettuce, rocket, basil, tomato, cucumber, avocado, red pesto) with an extra portion of Chicken (R15). Both meals, again, were served in takeaway bags/containers (see comment above; though my wrap did come served in a biodegradable container). The wrap was good, but there was a lot of sauce in it and it went soggy quite quickly. I dislike anything soggy, but I do think this is a matter of personal preference. I tried a bite of the bagel as well and that was really yum – I’d probably go for that the next time. Or maybe even a salad!

Fresch Foods drinks

Ayoba Berries smoothie and The Red juice

Fresch Foods food

Deliciously fresh

Even though the food was yum, both portions were a little on the small side for a sit-down meal. Here we’ll get faced with the problem of ‘but if it’s served in a takeaway dish, is it really meant to be a sit-down portion’? Good question. I’d say Fresch Foods is brilliant for the takeaway market, but with some quick re-shuffling of serving style it’ll also be a great sit-down venue – it already has all the seating space available and offers such a cool vibe. For now, I’ll certainly be back to grab a take-away smoothie or salad next time I’m in the area. Also, a huge shout-out to Muro, our waiter, who was so incredibly kind and helpful in answering all my gazillion questions!

You’ll find Fresch Foods at 309 Long Street in the Cape Town CBD. They’re open Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 18:00 and Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00. For more information, e-mail them on info@freschfoods.co.za or check them out on Instagram and Facebook

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: January 2018