Brunch is awesome. You can mix the best of breakfast with the best of lunch, add some cocktails and coffees, and stay for the rest of the day and still call it an acceptable length of time for eating. I recently had the chance to head to Home Bru Café in Observatory to try some of the items from the breakfast and lunch menus for the perfect brunch experience.

Welcome Home, Bru

Home Bru is a relatively new café to the Observatory scene, but hopefully it will be one that sticks around. Because it’s awesome. From friendly service to a great selection of goodies to amazing food, this is a spot that definitely rocked my boat.

My friend Henry and I started our brunch experience with some mimosas, followed by gin and tonics, and concluding it all with coffees and hot chocolates. So we definitely had the best of all worlds, and everything was beyond delicious. We sipped and chatted and laughed … and headed back to the brunch buffet numerous times.



bombay sapphire g&T

Bombay Sapphire G&T

Tribe coffee

Coffee and Hot Chocolate by Tribe

Home Bru cookie

How cute is this cookie?

Hitting the Brunch Spread

On the food side, Home Bru had organised a buffet for the media crew so we could try all the different options. This isn’t a regular offering, but it was great to get the full experience.

I kinda got stuck on the massive bowl of bacon – which was grilled to perfection. But they also offer delicious chocolate croissants, smoked salmon rolls, eggs benedict sandwiches, a biltong salad, burgers, and the most delicious French toast. Prices are pretty generous, ranging from R30 – R100 for breakfast and lunch dishes.

I may or may not have gone a bit overboard and tried absolutely everything. But brunch did last numerous hours and everything was so insanely good. And, besides, it’s all in the name of sharing. This spot definitely knows how to whip up an awesome experience, and I’d definitely head back there for some more deliciousness.

buffet table

The buffet table

Home Bru croissants

Croissants for days

bowl of bacon

Bowl of bacon

Home Bru biltong salad

Biltong salad

Home Bru salmon rolls

Salmon rolls

Visit Home Bru

I’m looking back at these pictures now and reminiscing. This truly was a wonderful experience. Brunch always is, and the guys at Home Bru create the perfect atmosphere for comfortable lingering.

For more information on Home Bru Cafe and all their amazing offerings, check out the info below.

Home Bru

Address: Gateway to Obz, Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town


Call: +27 87 073 9464

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Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: August 2019


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