Durbanville Hills Collector’s Reserve

Durbanville Hills Collector's Reserve

I love to tell the people I meet that I am a ‘Durban Girl’. But every time I do, my family and friends laugh at me, as technically – although I was indeed born in Durbs – I have spent most of my life in Durbanville, Cape Town. I suppose I should rather refer to myself as a ‘Durbanville Girl’ then. And being a Durbanville girl is certainly brag-worthy, as Durbanville is also home to the renowned Durbanville Hills Wine Estate.

My journey as a wine-lover began with a sneaky sip out of my mom’s glass of Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc when she wasn’t looking, and the rest, well … the rest is history!  It goes without saying, then, that having the opportunity to visit Durbanville Hills and taste their new Collector’s Reserve Range was an absolute treat. There is something for everyone in this range with seven different, tasty varietals including a Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Merlot, Pinotage, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Durbanville Hills Collector's Reserve

This Is Durbanville Hills

We arrived at the estate and long before the wine had even been poured, Durbanville Hills had already definitively set itself apart from the other wineries in the area, showing off its contemporary architecture and modern finishes. Durbanville Hills is a relatively new winery, when compared to some of the other estates in the Stellenbosch and Constantia areas, only making its debut in the late 1990s. However, when looking at the hundreds of bottles of Durbanville Hills on the shelves of supermarkets across South Africa, one would never guess that the estate has only been around for a mere two decades.

Durbanville Hills Collector's Reserve

Durbanville Hills Collector’s Reserve

The estate recently established their Collector’s Reserve Range as a part of their already extensive selection. Inspired by the vibrancy that is unique to Cape Town and its people, the Collector’s Reserve Range is made from only the finest grapes and each varietal is inspired by a prominent Cape Town landmark. Cape Mist Sauvignon Blanc, The Cape Garden Chenin Blanc, The Cableway Chardonnay, The Lighthouse Merlot, The Promenade Pinotage, The Castle of Good Hope Cabernet Sauvignon and The High Noon Shiraz each have their own unique story to tell.

Durbanville Hills Collector's Reserve

Visit Durbanville Hills

Janu-worry is real, but so is #YOLO so get out there and treat yo’self because you deserve it, and no one likes a FOMO. Visit the Durbanville Hills website for more information and to make your booking. Remember, sharing is caring, so get the crew together to enjoy the highly anticipated Collector’s Reserve with good friends.

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Durbanville Hills

Address: Durbanville Hills, M13 Tygerberg Valley Road, Durbanville


Call: +27 21 558 1300


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All photos courtesy of Durbanville Hills.

Written by Claire Williams
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Article Date: January 2019


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