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Dolce Bakery postit wall

I’m slightly obsessed with bagels. Back when I finished my MA in the US, there was a café down the road from me that sold the best salmon and cream cheese bagel that cost an arm and a leg but was worth every cent. Each bite was heavenly. And I’ve been searching for a bagel that comes close to such goodness in Cape Town – and may have finally found the place! Enter Dolce Bakery in Observatory.

I’ve seen Dolce around on Instagram for a while now, but never really knew much about them. Which is a pity, really, because now that I do know about them I wish that I had known about them sooner! It’s a cute little spot, with a great outside area that’s more perfect for summer, but the cosy inside is great for colder days. Plus they largely operate on a take-away basis, so you can always run in to grab something.

Dolce Bakery signage

Welcome to Dolce Bakery – No Regrets. Just Happiness.

The Dolce Bakery Space

Emphasis on the ‘little’ of the description there – it really is a small space, but therein lies its charm. Each corner is stuffed with drinks or newspapers or post-its or muffins or cakes or croissants, and there’s a whole lotta life packed in there. Because we joined them for a late breakfast, coffees were up first, which we sipped while browsing the menu. The menu isn’t particularly large, but it has everything you’d expect from a bakery, in addition to a few other lunch-time extras. There are also a bunch of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available, making this spot great for those with food intolerances or dietary preferences.

Dolce Bakery coffee

Delicious coffee

Bagel Goodness

I immediately had my eye set on the Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel, served with dill, chives, red onion, and capers (SQ). Tanya, who came with me, needed a little more time to decide, but eventually opted for the Mushroom Royale – grilled mushrooms, caramelised onions, fresh rocket, and hummus on a toasted bread of your choice (R39).

I was a little jealous when her dish came out as it looked divine – and was equally tasty – but I was definitely not disappointed by my salmon bagel. It looked a little smaller, but made up for looks in taste, and I loved every bite of this! I was also super impressed with how reasonable the prices are. On the breakfast menu, the most expensive item is the Croissant Royale with Salmon at R89.

Dolce Bakery mushroom royale

How gorgeous is the Mushroom Royale? And only R39!

Dolce Bakery smoked salmon bagel

Smoked salmon bagel – soooo yum!

Sweet Treats

We also shared one of the brownies, and I grabbed a sausage roll and a chocolate muffin as take-away – and all of these were equally delicious. Ideally I would have wanted to try one of the many delectable cakes on display but I was too full already. Apparently their almond croissants are also divine and come highly recommended.

Dolce Bakery brownie

One of the many brownies available

Dolce Bakery croissants

Freshly-baked croissants

Dolce Bakery muffins


Visit Dolce Bakery

Personally Observatory is a bit of a drive for me to grab a small bite. But if I’m in the area, this will be my number one stop. And if you live in the area, well, then you’re lucky. You certainly won’t be disappointed with a visit to Dolce Bakery!

Dolce Bakery

Address: 239C Lower Main Road, Observatory

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday (06:30 – 22:00)

Website: www.dolcebakery.co.za

Email: sweets@dolcebakery.co.za

Call: +27 21 447 2532

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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: August 2019


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