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One of the very many things I love about Cape Town is the sheer number of restaurants/bars/cafes. Every time I think I have them all down, boom, another one enters my radar. Ok, yes, I’ve been out of the country for a couple of months, meaning a huge amount of new and exciting places hit me on my return … but that just makes it even more exciting.  I really do love exploring new places! One of those new and exciting places is Kong in De Waterkant. So, I did what any good foodie would do, I grabbed a friend and off we went to experience all that is Kong! 

Hello Kong

The first thing that you notice when you arrive at Kong is how pretty it is. Green lights mark the entrance stairs. The bar is illuminated in blue. There are plants everywhere, giving it a somewhat tropical feel, and there are opulent chairs and an overall beautiful chic décor.

The downstairs area is dedicated mainly to the restaurant. Upstairs has more tables for dining, a dance area, and a bar. There is also a little outside garden, which is just magical, and some pool tables. So much to explore, but we were here to dine, and dine we would.

Kong Cape Town

But First, Cocktails

Ray and I decided to settle downstairs. Well, I decided, because the foodie gets to decide, mostly based on where you can get the best pictures. First thing’s first, cocktails.

Sadly, almost half the cocktails on the menu weren’t available. No problem for me, because I had already decided on the margarita (R68). My margarita challenge in trying all the margaritas Cape Town has to offer continues. This one was good, although a bit on the strong side. But definitely one I would order again.

Ray’s first choice wasn’t available, so he settled on the Field of Dreams (vodka, Triple Sec, soda, whey, mixed berries, syrup, R70). It was yummy, but my margarita was the winner!

Choices, Choices

While perusing the extensive menu, we were served some complimentary arancini balls. I do like a little foodie surprise before ordering. We also got a super pretty bread platter with poppadum, focaccia, olive bread, and a yummy parsley and garlic butter.

The menu has everything from tapas to a selection of awesome sounding salads like an Asian Beef Market Salad, sandwiches (ostrich pastrami anyone?), and burgers (black mushroom with deep-fried camembert).

Then there are the mains. Ray almost got stuck on the prawn linguini, but then turned the page to the grills, where I had already made my selection. But more on that in a little.

Kong Bar & Grill Ribs

Tapas to Start

Starting off, we decided to share some tapas. The peppadews stuffed with labneh (R55) were exactly as one would expect, cheesy peppadew-ey goodness. I’ve had a little love affair with labneh ever since my sis brought some home a while back, so I pretty much would order anything containing it.

Wanting to try something different, we also had the beef and mozzarella taquitos with cilantro, tomato, and red onion salsa (R75). Also good, but a little too much dough for me.

The absolute winner in our tapas selection was the portion of pork loin riblets (250g, R77). They were beyond divine. Super tasty, incredibly soft and very, very more-ish. Luckily, bigger portions of the ribs are also available as a main and these are definitely on my have-next-time list!

Kong Bar & Grill Tapas


For mains, steak was the way to go. Ray had the 200g beef fillet (R169) with a side of roasted garlic mash potato (R30) and a pepper and brandy sauce (R35). Of course, I had to try some of his meal. The fillet was soft and tasty, a bit more medium-well than the medium he had ordered, but so good that it really didn’t matter. The pepper and brandy sauce was a nice addition, so much so that I actually pinched some for my steak. Oh, and they weren’t lying when they said garlic mash potato! But it was a yummy combination.

I had the 250g aged sirloin (R135), which was perfectly well done, just the way I like it. As a side, I was battling with the choice of rocket and parmesan salad (R35) and the buttered baby vegetables (R40). I went with the veg, which was a good choice.

But I will try the salad next time with those ribs .

Happy Desserts

Neither Ray nor I are dessert people, but I do think desserts say a lot about a restaurant and make for pretty pictures. So, after some deliberation, we decided to share the coconut and thyme panna cotta with berry sauce, charred orange segments, and honeycomb (R59).

I was right about it being a pretty dessert and am so happy we ordered it. Although I only had a bite or so, it was really good. Not too sweet, and the berry and burnt orange brought out something special in the panna cotta. Ah, perfect happiness.

Kong Desserts

Final Notes On Kong Bar & Grill

We still had a little nightcap in the upstairs garden area, because it is so pretty and I didn’t want to leave without experiencing it.

I had a really good time at Kong. I just loved the look and feel of it. The food was good, reasonably priced, and beautifully presented. I look forward to my next visit. Oh, and I’m told Kong has some pretty awesome party nights, but that will be an adventure for another day …

A huge thank you to Kong and Marina for the invite and to manager Grant for taking such good care of us.


Address:10-12 Cobern Street, De Waterkant

Website: www.kongcapetown.co.za

Call: +27 82 429 9123

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Written by Sabine Palfi
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Article Date: October 2019


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