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In ‘normal’ life, you tend to hang out with ‘your’ people. That means: Your family, friends from school, college, work place, and from places you may often go to, such as your local coffee shop, etc. You seldom meet people from different professions or walks of life. Not that you don’t want to; you just don’t. There isn’t really a way … unless you are using a dating app, but that’s another story. So what do you do if you just wanna meet some new people in your home town, or people in a town you don’t know anyone in? What if you also really like good food and wine? Well, tadaaa, there is a way! DINE4SIX.

Introducing DINE4SIX

Basic concept: You book a seat at a table of six in a predetermined restaurant for a set menu on a predetermined evening. You arrive on that eve and sit down to dine with a bunch of strangers … and the rest is up to you! There are a few more details to go with this though. You can book for 2, but no more, and you can obviously choose the date and corresponding restaurant from DINE4SIX’s website or via the app.

About a year ago when DINE4SIX opened, Benike joined one of their first tables and had a wonderful time (see review here). Now it was time for me to experience the adventure of DINE4SIX. My seat was booked at a table at the amazing Primal Eatery Restaurant (to read our review of Primal, click here).


From our previous DINE4SIX experience at Myoga

Primal Eatery

This post is not an article on the food – it’s on the experience of Dine4Six – but let me do a quick recon of the dinner part. For this DINE4SIX, there was a 3 course set menu with a choice of three dishes per course (R350), with optional wine pairing (R500). Because I loved what I had at our previous review so much, I chose a pretty similar menu.

I started off with the Flaming Saganaki (Kefalotiri cheese flambéed with brandy and served with fire roasted pita bread). For mains I had the beef rib eye, with textures of onion and truffle and served with a side of parmesan potato wedges. For dessert, I chose a lemon molten cake with a warm lemon and white chocolate centre and charcoal ice cream. Super delicious!

But I could have also chosen line fish ceviche or blackened Cajun shrimp taco for starters, beef short rib or smoked and grilled bucatini for mains, and loukoumades or chocolates by Tomes choc chip cookies with matcha ice cream to end. I am pleased to say that both food and service were as good as I remembered!


From our previous Primal Eatery experience

The DINE4SIX Experience

I made the decision to join the DINE4SIX table not as a foodie reviewing, but as a ‘normal’ person. So I didn’t take any photos of my food nor did I Instagram or tweet. I just went and had the experience. Which was as follows.

Upon arrival I was shown to the bar area, where some of the DINE4SIXers had already met. More introductions were made. ‘Belgium’ was a young student doing an internship in Cape Town and had only arrived the week before. ‘Husband’ brought ‘Buddy ‘along, as his wife couldn’t make it anymore. We were then joined by ‘Expert’, who had been to a DINE4SIX event the month before and loved it. ’T’ joined a little later. Some cocktails (charged extra, but happened to be half price that evening) were enjoyed and we were shown to our table, placed our orders, and then enjoyed our evening to the fullest.


*Dine4Six. Meet. Mingle. Eat.


In a way, knowing that we were all strangers helped, because we all had to make an effort. Conversation flowed and stories were shared. ‘Belgium’ had an unfortunate dating app mishap and was deeply in trouble with his girl back home. ‘Buddy’ had just broken up with his long-term girl, who we all agreed was too young for him. ‘T’ found both ‘Buddy’ and the Chef hot, and happily flirted with them. ‘Expert’ recently took up burlesque dancing to spice up her regular accounting job. ‘Husband’ was concerned about his ill daughter.

We talked about everything from reality TV to the red flags we should have seen with our exes, about wine, food, careers, and the renovations of homes. We laughed and we shared serious moments. And most importantly we all had a good time. Will we ever see each other again? Probably not, but that is okay because but we all had a night away from ‘normal’ and it was refreshing!


*Select your restaurants through the Dine4Six app


So how do you join the fun? Well, first of all, have a look at www.dine4Six.com to see which events are hosted where and when. November, for example, sees events in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban, ranging price-wise from R195 to R1200. It all depends on which culinary experience you would like to have! In November, you also receive 15% off your booking if you use the  promo code “WINEANDDINE”.

*Photos courtesy of DINE4SIX

Written by Sabine Palfi

Article Date: November 2018


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