The Dine4Six Experience At Myoga

Dine4Six Myoga Interior

For those of you who’ve read I Love Foodies articles for a while, you’ll know that I once had a less than pleasurable experience at Myoga restaurant – the food was great, the service was awful (you can go back and read it here). But, I’m a firm believer that every restaurant has its good and bad days, so I always like to go back to a place (just to make sure, you know). So I was ecstatic when the guys from Dine4Six asked me to join them at their table at Myoga.

First off, what is Dine4Six? In a nutshell, it’s an online page (soon to be app) that allows you to join any one of their tables at specific restaurants, specifically catered for people who want to go out, have fun, meet new people, and particularly for those that are travelling but don’t want to go eat out alone. The concept is that there will always be a table of six, and while you are allowed to book for two, you cannot be a party bigger than two. This allows a bunch of people to get together and interact. And, no, it’s not a dating app.

They’ve just re-launched to focus more exclusively on high-end places, so it’s no surprise that Myoga was on the list. The restaurant obviously needs no introduction. Situated adjacent to the stunning Vineyard Hotel (still one of my favourite places to visit when I need to unwind), though it’s not actually part of the hotel.

I arrived at the restaurant not quite sure what to expect. Going to dinner by myself? Awkward. But our table was lovely and included Dine4Six entrepreneur and his wonderful wife, a lawyer with fascinating stories, a German ‘digital nomad’ who travels the world and visits dozens of countries every year, and a Swiss journalist currently interning in Cape Town. How could an evening not be interesting with that mix of people?

Dine4Six Myoga view

The restaurant looks out over the amazing Vineyard Hotel garden

Getting Started

After some initial chit-chat and me sipping on my Virgin Gummi Berry Martini (golden apple, fresh litchi, pomegranate, strawberry, and cranberry), we were served our welcoming bread and could take a look at the extensive menu. The welcome bread isn’t plain ol’ boring gluten. The platter included pan de yucca (cassava brad), Charcaol pain au lait ( milk bread), gluten-free seeded crackers,  a guava chilli butter, and the most divine wild garlic olive oil butter (vegan). I’m not a vegan but that butter rocked my world! I dare say it was even better than the real thing!

Dine4Six Myoga bread platter

Bread platter. The light “butter” in the blue/white dish is the vegan option – so delish!

Dine4Six Myoga Gummi Berry Martini

Virgin Gummi Berry Martini. The best virgin cocktail ever!

The Seven-Course Tasting Menu

Dinners at Myoga consist of a standard seven-course tasting menu, with a few options available for each course. There is also a wine pairing available for each course (and each meal option).  Problem is, you have to decide upfront what you want for each course – which is a bad thing if you’re incredibly indecisive but a great thing coz you never have to wait too long between courses.

For my first course (the starters), I went with the Myoga Tuna Tataki. This was creamier than I’ve ever had before, but I still really enjoyed it. For my second course (the bowls), I had the Japanese Bowl, which is pretty much a fancy poke bowl, served with sea bass on the night. I’ve had poke bowls before and didn’t enjoy them, but this one went a little easier on the rice so it was really delicious.

From there we moved on to the third course – the pastas – but not all of them were ‘proper’ pastas, with a few veggie-based pastas in the mix. I had the Spaghetti option, which wasn’t really spaghetti but I now completely blanked on what veggie the spaghetti was made from (foodie fail, I know). But it was really yum and was topped off with a delicious scallop. Which is really the only reason I ordered the dish. (otherwise I would have gone for the ravioli). This dish was paired with the Ataraxia Chardonnay – omg. What a spectacular chardonnay! Much more potently fruity than other chardonnays I’ve had, but I really, really enjoyed this.

After pasta heaven we enjoyed a small palate cleanser before moving on to our main course. The palate cleanser was quite notable though: warm vanilla Rooibos tea, pomegranate rubies, cranberry ice, and evaporated milk. Like a sweet dessert drink that’s completely moreish – I was disappointed that the portion was only palate cleanser size!

Dine4Six Myoga Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki: View from the top

Dine4Six Myoga Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki: View from the side

Dine4Six Myoga Japanese Bowl

Japanese Bowl (before drenched on soy)

Dine4Six Myoga Spaghetti

The “spaghetti”. But basically all you’re seeing is a delicious scallop!

The Main Act … And What Follows

As my main, I had the duck. This was a head-to-toe dish and consisted of roasted duck breast, confit leg croquettes, liver crème caramel, rhubarb textures, puffed grains, gizzard, and hibiscus jus. Everything was delicious, but the liver crème caramel was a bit weird and my tastebuds couldn’t quite get used to it.

Myoga serves two desserts as part of their seven-course tasting menu, a standard pre-dessert (Vanilla Crème Catalana), and then the dessert of your choice. I went for the Sago option: creamy sago pudding, passion fruit curd, passion fruit sorbet, grilled litchi, coconut crumble, and dehydrated coconut. It looks a little unappetising (as you’ll see in the picture), but was utterly divine!!!!

Dine4Six Myoga Duck

Duck heaven <3

Dine4Six Myoga Vanilla Creme Catalana

Pre-dessert: The Vanilla Creme Catalana

Dine4Six Myoga Sago Pudding

Sago pudding. Looks gross. Tastes amazing.

I had the most spectacular evening at Myoga, which I’m incredibly excited about, especially given my previous experience there. Dine4Six is a remarkable concept to meet amazing new people and have a wonderful time – plus you pay everything in advance so you can enjoy yourself completely without having to settle a bill at the end!

For more information on Dine4Six, check out their official website here. You’ll find all the information on upcoming Dine4Six dinners, costs, and more. And for more information on Myoga, head on over to their website here. Myoga is situated adjacent to the beautiful Vineyard Hotel (though it’s not actually part of the hotel) in Newlands.

We’ll be back with more foodie love soon!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: January 2018