The Delaire Graff Indochine Afro-Asian Experience


I’m not sure if its Mother Nature’s way of telling me that I’m about to enjoy a splendid lunch, but it seems to rain every time I head through to Stellenbosch and get treated to some amazing food. And Indochine at Delaire Graff was no exception.

The Table Bay Hotel was kind enough to offer us a (dry and wind-free) place to wait for the shuttle that would take us through to one of the Mercedes-Benz Eat Out Top 30 Restaurants in South Africa, Indochine.

Welcome to Indochine

The drizzle was real as we reached Stellies. But thankfully our shuttle driver knew what rain can do to one’s hair, and made a point of dropping us off right outside the door, at which we received a delicate glass of Delaire Graff bubbly. Hair intact and MCC in hand, we entered the exquisitely decorated reception area. Here we were greeted by an entire table dedicated to showing off some of South Africa’s most beautiful flora. I mean, talk about an entrance!

After thawing out next to the fireplace and conducting some mandatory exploring, we were shown to our seats in the restaurant’s dining area. The deep-blue studded pleather, dark wood finishes, strategically-placed lighting and copper accents give Indochine a delightfully modern, industrial-chic feel. And the wine glasses, oh my, the wine glasses – they were goblet-like in size!

Indochine welcome to indochine

Welcome to Indochine

Indochine delaire graff mcc

Cheers to Delaire Graff

My Quail Egg Experience

Soon, waitrons encircled us. They were all carrying Delaire-Graff-branded, raw-wood boxes containing living greenery and purply-red stuffed quail eggs, each speared on a brochette stick, making it look as though they had grown there along with the greens. I’d never tasted a quail’s egg before, and this dish has certainly set a sky-high standard for all future quail egg eating.

With my cheeks crammed full of tender quail’s eggs (don’t judge, I couldn’t help myself), we were greeted by the main man himself, Head Chef Virgil Kahn. He told us stories of his time in Singapore, China, and Thailand, stories so wonderful they couldn’t simply be told, but had to be experienced – and luckily for us, Chef Virgil likes to let his food do the talking.

Indochine delaire graff

* The master at work

Indochine delaire graff virgil kahn

* Head Chef Virgil Kahn

Range of Tapas

Chef Virgil began his story with a range of fresh tapas; a splendid shrimp pâté with traditional shrimp chips, oysters on ice with fresh apple, and pine-smoked langoustines. This latter, in my opinion at least, completely stole the show.

Indochine oysters on ice delaire graff

Oysters on ice with fresh apple

Indochine delaire graff oysters

Such a beauty

Indochine delaire graff langoustines

Pine-smoked langoustines

Thai Basil, Watermelon, Salmon-Ginger Floss & Pickled Tuna

Moving on to the starter, our chef extraordinaire upped his game once more with an ensemble of Thai Basil, watermelon, salmon-ginger floss and pickled tuna. The summery dish resembled that of an African sunset with its vivid pink, deep purple and burnt orange hues.

Indochine delaire graff tuna with watermelon

Tuna with watermelon

Massaman Curry

For the main course we enjoyed a Massaman Curry with wood-fried chicken, burned shallots, potatoes and a toasted coconut crumble. It was a sensational curry. Paired with the Delaire Graff 2017 Shiraz it was just the hearty meal I’d felt like on a rainy day. Personally, I would have enjoyed a side dish of fragrant rice to accompany the curry and soak up every last bit of the sauce!

Grilled Pineapple with Mojito Sorbet

Our final course was a grilled pineapple wedge with mojito sorbet, coconut and Malibu. It was a delectable way to finish off the afternoon indulgence, but this dish was slightly outshined by the earlier courses of the day.

Indochine dessert delaire graff

Grilled pineapple with mojito sorbet

Visit Indochine

Without question, Indochine Restaurant at Delaire Graff Estate is an absolute MUST when visiting the winelands. If you really want to spoil yourself, book a spa treatment at their award-winning day spa before indulging in the finest Afro-Asian cuisine at Indochine.

Thank you for having us!

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Address: Delaire Graff Wine Estate, Stellenbosch



Call: +27 21 885 8160

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* Photos marked with an asterisk courtesy of Indochine.

Written by Claire Williams
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Article Date: December 2018


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