One of my fondest memories is enjoying a gigantic pot of shellfish at Bubba Gump’s in San Francisco. I did the whole crack, pop, and eat experience, and learned the hard way that this isn’t something you do if you’re tremendously hungry (it took me about an hour to get through the meal, what with all the time it takes to crack the goodies open). But I had such a jolly good time doing it that I’ve spent the last few years hoping I can somehow recreate the experience closer to home. Enter Deckhouse Crab Shack and BBQ, ready for all your crackin’ shellfish needs.

I visited Deckhouse on a cold winter evening with my sister. Though it was horribly cold outside, Deckhouse provided a warm atmosphere, with warm fires glowing, and welcomed us with two glasses of their sweetened Glühwein. Usually I find Glühwein a little too bitter for my liking, but I heartily enjoyed this sweetened version.

Deckhouse Crabshack and BBQ The Famous Bib

Since I already knew that the shellfish pot would take me a while to get through, I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice and made sure I ordered starters first. Just my luck that the Chowder of the Day happened to be Prawn Chowder. If there’s anything I love, it’s a good chowder. If you’ve had chowder before, you’ll know that these wintery soups are incredibly intense in flavour, which I absolutely love! Deckhouse does a wicked chowder, and I’ll definitely be popping by there more often to have this.

It comes as no surprise that I had their Crabby Pot for mains. This is a pot of shellfish goodness including crayfish, prawns, and mussels, served with corn and baby potatoes. Since we were adamant on having the best Deckhouse experience ever, we also ordered the pan-roasted sole and a portion of the jambalaya, a Louisiana creole favourite (another one of those goodies I fondly remember from my US days). My Crabby Pot kept me very, very busy, so my sister enjoyed the pan-roasted sole and the jambalaya, though I did have bites of both and thought they were absolutely yummy!

Deckhouse Crabshack and BBQ Crabby Pot

The Crabby Pot

Deckhouse Crabshack and BBQ Fish

Pan-Roasted Sole

Deckhouse Crabshack and BBQ Jambalaya


I’ll be honest, the Crabby Pot is quite expensive. It’s mostly the crayfish you’re paying for though, and that’s one big crayfish in there! But Deckhouse also offers shellfish goodness independently, so if you’re not after the whole pot crackin’ experience, then I’d suggest going for one of the cheaper options. That said, crackin crabs and crayfish is definitely a fun experience, so if you’ve never done it, I’d suggest saving up and getting that off your bucket list (it’s still cheaper than flying to the US and getting the Bubba Gump’s experience in).

Deckhouse Crabshack and BBQ Benike Palfi Getting Ready to Crack Crabs

Me getting ready to crack some crabs

For dessert my sister and I shared two goodies: Key Lime Pie and New York Cheesecake. I mostly had the Key Lime Pie though, just the right amount of sour to keep my not-so-sweet tooth happy. That said, both desserts were lovely and a great finish to a great meal.

If you want your own crabby experience, you can visit the Deckhouse Crab Shack and BBQ at 108 Kloof Street. Note, it’s ‘…and BBQ’ coz they also serve some wicked BBQ dishes. I’ve heard raving reviews about their dinosaur ribs, so this place caters for all you seafood lovers and non-seafood fans. Over the winter months, Deckhouse also has some amazing specials to entice you all to go visit them.

We’ll be back soon with more foodie love!

Written by Benike Palfi

Review Date: July 2016