I’ve been dying to go to Chefs Cape Town since they opened at the end of 2016. My sister Sabine attended their official media launch back then, while I was gallivanting across the world (I think I was in Berlin at the time). But I chatted to the team while I was in London recently and made definite plans to FINALLY visit them upon my return to Cape Town – and had them scheduled in for a perfect Friday lunch the day after my flight back!

If you haven’t heard of Chefs Cape Town, here’s an intro. Basically, they aim to make fine dining casual, serving wickedly gourmet dishes cafeteria-style, tray and all. They have three different menu options available, which change every day according to the suppliers as everything is fresh and local, and each option comes with standard sides.

Welcome To Chefs Cape Town

I went with my friend Kelsey for an early Friday lunch and it was still empty when we arrived, but filled up very quickly. There’s nothing fancy about the Chefs interior. It’s clinical at best, without frill and fluff. But it’s clean and neat, and the attention is ALL on the food. And, honestly, that’s where it should be coz, as we soon discovered, any dish you’ll have at Chefs is bound to be phenomenal.

Chefs Cape Town restaurant interior

The restaurant interior

Chefs Cape Town kitchen

Chefs Cape Town kitchen space

The Digital Menu

The three options available when we went were as follows:

  • Minestrone Soup with Tortellini. Served with a crushed aubergine, oregano, and chilli-brushed flatbread, herb and seed pesto, and spiced tomato salsa. R165.
  • Herb & Mustard Lamb Cutlets. Served with triple-cooked chips, a side salad of fennel, rocket, caramelised red onion, baby greens, crushed feta, and pistachio with a herb dressing, as well as yoghurt mayonnaise and green salsa. R245.
  • Tuna Carpaccio With Coconut & Lime. Served with a side salad of shaved Asian cabbage, apple, mangetout, and mint, as well as avocado salsa and green chilli oil with food-fired Melba shard. R210.
Chefs Cape Town digital menu

The digital menu – you can swipe and click to view more items and read descriptions

Chefs Cape Town

The assembly

Chefs Cape Town kitchen planning

Everything is perfectly planned, which is why you’ll get your meal quick sticks

Our Food: Tuna Carpaccio & Lamb Cutlets

Kelsey opted for the Tuna Carpaccio, while I went for the Lamb Cutlets. Both dishes were absolutely phenomenal, and surprisingly filling. Service is also super fast, so you won’t wait long for your dishes. We just about touched our Pineapple & Mint Cordial (homemade, also yum; R30) when the food already came out.

Honestly, I can’t fault a single thing of this entire meal. The flavours were fantastic. My lamb cutlets were perfectly tender, the salad crisp, and the salsa and yoghurt mayonnaise so yum I even ate the fries (I don’t like fries) so I could dunk them in that! And Kelsey’s tuna was divine as well – thickly cut, filling portion, and full of zest.

Chefs Cape Town lunch

Lunch is served

Chefs Cape Town tuna carpaccio

Tuna carpaccio with coconut and lime

Chefs Cape Town herb and mustard lamb cutlets

Herb and mustard lamb cutlets

Chefs Cape Town pineapple and mint cordial

Pineapple and mint cordial – divine

Dessert: Yoghurt Panna Cotta

For dessert the daily option was a Yoghurt Panna Cotta with pineapple, toasted crumb, citrus jelly, and lemon curd (R75). The portion was massive, and every bite was divine. One of the best desserts I’ve had in quite a while.

Chefs Cape Town dessert

Kelsey dressed perfectly to match the dessert

Chefs Cape Town yoghurt panna cotta

Delicious yoghurt panna cotta

Upper Class Lunch

The one thing I will mention – and only because I know if I won’t, then you will – is the pricing. Chefs Cape Town isn’t exactly cheap, especially considering that you’re paying for a quick lunch.

But, then again, that’s exactly what Chefs Cape Town is trying to do – bring you that fine dining experience in a quick and easy setting, and you do get what you pay for.

I personally wouldn’t have the budget to go here for lunch on a regular basis, but I would very much like to. So if you do have the budget and can afford this for lunch, then I couldn’t recommend Chefs Cape Town enough. It’ll be worth every cent.

All of that said, they are open for dinner as well. I haven’t yet been for dinner so I’m not entirely sure if they magically turn it into a romantic restaurant full of ambiance. If they do, this is a winner. If they don’t, you still get ridiculously good food and go home a happy chappy.

Visit Chefs Cape Town

So, all in all, if the prices are within your daily budget for a casual fine dining experience, then Chefs Cape Town is a sure-fire winner. The food is exceptional and beyond delicious, the service fast and superbly friendly, and you’ll be surprised by new and exciting dishes every single day. Win win win. I can definitely recommend it.

You’ll get all the details on Chefs Cape Town below.

Chefs Cape Town

Address: 81 St John’s Street, Cape Town

Opening Times: Monday – Friday (12:00 – 15:00 & 17:30 – 20:30)

Website: www.chefscapetown.co.za

Call: +27 21 461 0368

Email: eat@chefscapetown.co.za

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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: December 2018


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