Breakfast at La Parada Bree Street

La Parada Bree Street

I’ve been looking forward to trying the new La Parada breakfast menu for ages. Like the rest of the world, I’m (unfortunately) firmly in the grips of social media, and the constant Instagram posts of pretty breakfast dishes at La Parada Constantia Nek definitely worked their magic on me and left me hungry and keen to try the breakfast deals!

That said, I didn’t want to do the trek over to Constantia Nek (have you seen petrol prices???), so I opted to go to the much closer La Parada Bree Street to try their breakfast on a cold and wet Sunday morning. Town is an interesting experience on a Sunday coz it’s so deathly quiet – and actually quite refreshing to be away from the usual hustle and bustle! If it had been a glorious summer’s day, beach views would definitely have been in order, but on a rainy day like when I went, there really was no better place to be.

I went early – 9am – and we were the first customers through the door. But the breakfast is also a very new thing and not too many people know about it – yet. The manager on duty was lovely and accommodating and made sure the heaters were turned up so we could be nice and cosy in the open space. It was a little unusual to visit La Parada Bree Street for breakfast, especially with it being so quiet, but it’s always a beautiful spot and with more people it will definitely have the perfect breakfast bustle.

La Parada Bree Street

Unusual for breakfast – but I like it!

La Parada Bree Street

Welcome to La Parada Bree Street

The Breakfast Menu

On to breakfast. La Parada definitely has one of the coolest breakfast menus I’ve seen in quite a while, with some amazingly interesting and unusual items. Think Melktert Sago Pudding (R37), Coconut Chia Pudding (R62), Frittatas (R37), Creamy Savoury Polenta Bowl (R49), Banana Bread Flapjacks (R58), and S’mores French Toast (R58). Obviously there’s tons more, but these items stuck out as unique and definitely categorised as must-tries on my breakfast scale.

First, Coffee

But before tucking in, coffee! Sabine and I both ordered a cappuccino, and I also had a freshly squeezed orange juice. Which was as far from freshly squeezed as possibly could be and served complete with plastic straw, both of which are definite Cape Town no-nos. Turns out our waitress wasn’t entirely clued up on what ‘freshly squeezed’ means, so just keep note of the juices when you visit. Coz you will want to visit for the food!

La Parada Bree Street coffee

Getting started with coffee

The Foodie Goodness

Sabine went for the Breakfast Fry Up (R89), with two eggs, bacon, mushroom, confit cherry tomatoes, and chorizo, plated beautifully and absolutely delicious. Not exactly cheap for what you’re getting, but on par with the rest of Cape Town breakfast prices. That said, I found all the other breakfast items on the La Parada menu quite reasonable, and you can easily get a breakfast at La Parada for a pretty good price, which is a refreshing change.

Since I love adventure, I decided to try some of La Parada’s more unusual breakfast dishes: The Melktert Sago Pudding and the S’mores French Toast. The melktert sago pudding was delicious, but after the whole bowl the cinnamon taste got a little too intense and it would have been nice to break it up with something like fresh berries – which would have also done wonders for the presentation of the dish. That said, the portion was huge, definitely filling, and definitely delicious. Plus, I love cinnamon.

The S’mores French Toast was beautifully plated, so incredibly delicious – defs a fave – but the portion was tiny. I had incorrectly assumed that it would be a ‘sweet breakfast’, but turns out the menu is structured with the French Toast to be a dessert option after a proper breakfast. It worked out well then that I had ordered the sago pudding as well, but I would have been tremendously disappointed if I had ordered this as my actual breakfast. But now you know – real food first, then sweet treats. Which is the way it really should be!!!! Haha.

La Parada Bree Street breakfast

Breakfast goodies – S’mores, Breakfast Fry Up, and Melktart Sago Pudding

La Parada Bree Street s'mores french toast

S’mores french toast

A Note On Service

I wasn’t entirely happy with the service on the day, and many of the hiccups – the not-so-fresh juice, menu item questions, lack of attention, etc. – could have been completely avoided if our waitress had been more on it. That said, I’ve never had bad service at La Parada before, so I’m pretty confident this was a once-off hiccup as the whole breakfast thing is new, and I’m holding thumbs that everyone will have an amazing experience.

Have Breakfast at La Parada Bree Street

Will I be back? Probably. I might actually venture out to Constantia Nek to soak in the views, but if I’m looking for a quick and easy weekend breakfast that’s affordable and fuss-free, then La Parada Bree Street is also a pretty good bet! Have you been? What did you have? There’s so much deliciousness to try, so I’m super keen to hear what you all think!!!! So check below for all the info on breakfast at La Parada Bree Street & Constantia Nek!

La Parada Bree Street

Address: 107 Bree Street, Cape Town CBD

Opening Times for Breakfast: Saturday & Sunday (09:00 – 12:00)



Call: +27 21 426 0330

La Parada Constantia Nek

Address: Constantia Nek, Constantia

Opening Times for Breakfast: Monday – Friday (09:00 – 12:00), Saturday & Sunday (08:00 – 12:00)



Call: +27 21 795 0620

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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: September 2018


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