It’s Not Just a Beer, Boet. It’s a Boet Beer!

I didn’t know that the Four Cousins shared a Boet! Yes, the makers of Four Cousins wine have ventured into the craft beer brewing fraternity.  It’s a little unorthodox for a wine farm to venture into making their own beer. However, it’s no surprise to me that they’ve caught onto the craft beer trend as both wine and beer take a lot of time, craftsmanship and patience, something every wine maker should possess.

The memory of Four Cousins brought me back to the nostalgia of my varsity days as I reminisced about drinking Four Cousins on the Jammie steps (colloquial term for the steps in front of Jameson Hall) watching the sunset, sipping back at a bottle of rosé. But, as you’ll see below, I thoroughly enjoyed their beer tasting experience too!


This is lighter than your usual lager; a crisp, easy-drinking beer. It’s not as bitter as the average lager. It’s a bit on the sweeter side but not too sweet, just enough to take the edge off! Personally, I prefer a stronger Lager, but I still enjoyed this.

Boet Beer

Boet Beer


Surprisingly refreshing and pleasantly bitter, leaving a lovely full aftertaste. It is a bit bitter for a Blonde, but that’s not a bad thing, depending on what your taste buds fancy. It has a full-bodied flavour, which is still light enough for easy drinking.

Boet Beer easy blonde

Easy Blonde


Full bodied … citrus-infused. I could definitely taste that it’s a Weis – you can taste the wheat coming through with a sweet tangy flavour. I would enjoy this with a nice Bratwurst in a crispy white roll. I imagined myself sitting in Germany … or maybe just a German café would do. Disclaimer, the beer does stand alone and is very refreshing!

Boet Beer weizen


American Pale Ale

Hoppy, almost like a light, easy-drinking IPA, which still manages to hold the full flavour of the hops. Underlying this flavour is a refreshing and fruity undertone.  It has a bit of a bitter aftertaste, mixed with the sweet taste of freedom.

Boet Beer american pale ale

American Pale Ale

Pale Ale

A bitter sweet endeavour indeed. Overall, this is a light, refreshing, easy-drinking social ale, which I enjoyed most. It went down like a river flowing.

Boet beer english ipa

English IPA

 English IPA

This was a bitter sweet experience as it was my last beer to taste and I enjoyed this over the semi-final World Cup soccer game between Croatia and England! I was routing for Croatia, as I always support the underdog, but it was sad to see England lose. As for the beer, it was a well-rounded ale, with a full taste and lots of flavour. It had a yeasty aftertaste and a heavy bitterness. The bitterness was a bit too heavy for my liking, but it was still rather enjoyable. I couldn’t quite taste the citrus; however, the bottle does indicate that it has a ‘soft citrus’ undertone.

Getting Your Hands On Some Boet Beer

Overall, I really enjoyed these beers, boet! For more information about the beers or for your own tasting, visit the Four Cousins Wine Farm. Get all the details below.

Boet Beer

Address: 3 Kromhout Road, Robertson

Website: (at time of publication: is still offline)


Call: +27 23 615 1505

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Written by Rowan Studti
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Article Date: July 2018


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