The Balducci Vegan Menu

Balducci  vegan menu

Vegan. The first time I heard the definition of a vegan (from a rather unreliable source might I add), I asked myself how on earth they survive – because, by the sound of things, they don’t eat anything. But upon doing my own research and actually having a colleague who has gone full vegan, I now realise that it is something that I would try (but maybe only for a day or two). And  low and behold, I actually did become a vegan, even though it was just for a couple of hours. This all happened at Balducci in the V&A Waterfront to try their new vegan menu!

This was my first time at Balducci, though I have walked passed it a couple of times while doing a bit of shopping. It is as elegant as they come, with beautiful views of the harbour.

The New 60+ Items Vegan Menu

The new plant-based menu reflects Balducci’s commitment to supporting sustainable organic agriculture in the long term, their respect for the planet, and their commitment to meeting the needs of all their diners. The new stand-alone vegan menu is creative and comprehensive with over 60 delicious options, including juices, smoothies and power bowls made with superfoods and probiotics, soups, wraps, nachos, curry, pasta, Asian bowls, sushi, pizzas, burgers, desserts, hot and cold drinks, and vegan wines.

A Juicy Start

First on the menu was a trio of three juices: the carrot ginger zinger, the lemon aide, and, my fave, the beet fresh. Guys, I have tasted freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, but my goodness, these were amazing! The pure taste, the mixing of different fruits and veggies … Yum. I also love that all of these three juices had a dash of apple in them.

Balducci  juices

Trio of juices

Starters … And Jam Jar Salads

Next, we landed on the starters. Some falafel and tahini, salad in a jar, and the trader joe pizza. Okay guys, on the real, the only thing that I really enjoyed was the salad in a jar. I loved its presentation as well. Very cool how everything was just poured on a plate from a jam jar! The falafel and tahini and pizza were okay too, but not my favourites.

Balducci  jam jar salad

Jam Jar salad (out of the jar; haha)

Balducci  vegan trader joe pizza

Trader Joe Pizza

Mains … And The Curry That Rocked My World

Then it was time for the mains. A red thai curry, some smokey black bean sliders and a cashew nut cream pasta. I am a big fan of pasta, but I was disappointed. It had a distinct taste that I just could not stomach. I also passed on the sliders, because I hate beans, but there is a good end to this story! The thai curry! Come to mama! So delish! Paired with basmati rice, this dish worked really well. Plus, the curry had all my favourite veggies – mushrooms, cauliflower and broccoli! You can never go wrong with those!

Balducci  vegan cashew nut cream pasta

Cashew nut cream pasta

Balducci  black bean slider

Smokey black bean slider

Balducci  curry

Red Thai Curry

Vegan Desserts

Lastly, it was time for dessert! A beautiful heart-shaped cheesecake and an inviting frozen berries dessert. By this time, I was rather stuffed, but because it was my first time trying out vegan, I had to taste. All I can say is, these desserts are definitely for the vegans, not for me.


Cheesecake with frozen berries

Check out Balducci

Thank you to Balducci for the invite and allowing us to try out new things. Even though I ended up not being too much of a fan of vegan-ness, the menu, as said, does have over 60 options to choose from, and there are definitely things on there that I would come back for and try. My first vegan adventure definitely won’t be my last!!!


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Call: +27 21 421 6002/3

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Written by Mary-Anne Gontsana

Article Date: November 2018


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