The AC Marriott Hotel Summer Menu

We were invited to help the AC Hotel (by Marriott) launch its fabulous new summer menu.  I was made to feel super welcome by the friendly and engaging hotel staff and arrived to find a personalised menu with space to make tasting notes. I quickly realised that as well as some fun interactive demonstrations, I had 5 desserts to sample (yes, you read that right).  Now, that’s good news at the best of times but I had 2 and a half months of keto under my belt. But I had given myself full permission to fall off the wagon in style, so I was more than ready to embrace all the yummy goodness that was on its way.

Getting There

I’m going to momentarily digress and mention it is well worthwhile double checking directions to the hotel. My cell phone was very nearly turfed out of the car window on my third foray into the Waterfront, from where I could see the back of the hotel, but couldn’t find any direct access. This, I confess, led to some inappropriate language and colourful suggestion of just what google could go and do with their maps.

But with kind intervention from the Marriott staff, I eventually found my way to the venue, and a generous gin and tonic.  For those of you as map-challenged as I am, the easiest route is around the back of the Convention Centre parking garage. And then just follow the signs – so easy once you know where you are going.

Tapas-Style Dining

Our first course was served tapas-style which, is always my favourite way to eat as I struggle with order envy.  It’s so much more civilised when you get to sample everything that’s available so you can make the most informed decisions when you go back again. 

We sampled a selection of creamy hummus with roasted tomatoes and feta, served with crispy garlic pita, which was delicious, as well as corn ribs with chipotle aioli, parmesan, smoked paprika and chimichurri, both of which are perfect for vegetarians and vegans. 

One of my absolute favourite dishes of the evening was the vegan, gluten-free spinach soft ‘tacos’. These came with a blend of chilli beans, vegan cheese, guacamole, crispy onions and hot sauce. These were out of this world. 

Spicy and tasty, which in all honesty are not words I tend to overuse with vegan food.  (Purely a subjective opinion.) One of the things I struggle with when travelling and eating out more is craving veggie-based, simple, and tasty food.  I think this menu is a great solution for exactly that scenario.

Some Delicious Goodies

I have a linefish allergy, so I apologise for not being able to go into much detail about the cured salmon or the fishy croquettes. But feedback from my fellow foodies was excellent and the dishes were beautifully presented. 

Head Chef Jessica Sutcliffe and her awesome team taught us how to make sticky bobotie buns. They whipped these up in a matter of minutes. But I fear this might cause my kitchen to be covered from end to end in gelatinous goop and – if prior attempts to steam food in the oven are anything to go by (remember to check that the water doesn’t run dry) – a visit from my local friendly fire brigade. Some things are definitely better left to the professionals. But it was awesome to experience what goes into making the buns. 

Our next plate of foodie perfection was spicy, sticky and perfectly crispy chicken wings. This is the type of food that makes you tuck a napkin around your collar and requires a finger bowl and fellow diners to look the other way so you can surreptitiously sneak some off their plate and onto your own.  Not that I would do that, of course.

Drinking Out Of A Porron

One of my favourite parts of the evening was attempting to drink out of a porron.  If you’ve never seen one, it’s a sort of a cross between a vase and something you would find in a science laboratory but with a spout like a teapot.  It’s transparent and made of glass. The trick is to start by holding the spout at your lips and moving it further and further away so that the liquid sort of arches in a stream.  Needless to say, a fair amount of hilarity and spillage ensued.  Some of us were definitely more talented than others.

Making Desserts

Dessert.  I don’t even know where to start.  My recollections may be coloured by my total lack of sugar up until that point and the sort of pre-diabetic coma that ensued. But it was so worth it!  Chef Jessica showed us how to make a Tarte Tatin.  A recipe I will definitely replicate at home.  The richness of the caramel, the tartness of the apples, and the flakiness of the pastry made it one of my all-time favourite desserts. 

We also got to sample the pumpkin churros (I am a huge churros fan) served with homemade ice-cream. And then there was the citrus malva pudding. And the coconut crepes with a dulce de leche filling and mint ice cream.  I need to go back so that I can give each and every dessert the individual time and attention they deserve.

Check out the AC Marriott Hotel

This really was a fun foodie event, hosted with great care and attention to detail. Everything was wonderful, from the really delicious food to the warmth and hospitality of every staff member, to the thoughtful eco-friendly bamboo coffee cup we got to take home with us. So whether you are in town and want to grab a bite to eat or looking for somewhere different to head out for a yummy dinner, I highly recommend the AC Hotel.

AC Marriott

Address: Dockrail Road, Foreshore

Call:+27 21 137 1100

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All images courtesy of the AC Marriott Hotel.

Written by Gill Eastwood

Article Date: October 2019


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