Reminiscing: The Cape Town Desserts That Were

Cape Town Desserts

I seem to have a weird taste in dessert. I don’t like anything too sweet. Or too chocolatey. Or too much of anything, really. To impress me with a dessert, it’s gotta be pretty darn special. But since it seems that most people prefer sweet and chocolatey things (I’m not judging), the desserts I really fall in love with are often taken off the menu. Which is sad. And makes me cry. Just a little. So in order to pay tribute to the Cape Town desserts that were, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and explore some of my recent favourites – and one older one – that, alas, no longer exist.

Village Idiot: Braaid Banana

Bananas are bizarre. I like them fresh but generally despise banana or banana flavour in any other form. But then I was introduced to the Braaid Banana dessert at The Village Idiot, which was literally slices of braaid banana served with yummy ice cream. It was glorious – that slight braai flavour I absolutely adore, not too sweet, but just sweet enough to make it the perfect ending to any meal at The Village Idiot. But, alas, it seemed that I was the only one who ever ordered it and it has since been taken off the menu. Good thing Chef Wesley is a rockstar and has promised to try and make me one next time I go!

Cape Town Desserts Village Idiot

I don’t even have a photo of the Braaid Banana 🙁

NV-80: Lemon Posset

When NV-80 first opened up, I was there literally about three times a week. And my menu was always the same: The Prawn Starter, Fillet with Wild Mushroom Sauce and Mash or Spinach, and the glorious Lemon Posset. This dessert, if you’ve never had it, is a tangy lemon cream that’s absolutely divine. NV-80 used to serve it with fresh fruit and shortbread. It was a dessert made in heaven – and it made me very, very happy. But, again, it seems like I was the only one that loved it, and it has since been taken off the menu. I used to call ahead to have them prep it for me before going there just to get my dessert fix. Now I generally just skip dessert. Perhaps it’s time to make some arrangements again.

Cape Town Desserts The NV-80 Lemon Posset

2014. The last time I had the Lemon Posset when they prepped it for me as a birthday present!

Jerry’s Burger Bar: Flapjack Stack

Burgers Schmurgers. When Jerry’s Burger Bar first opened up on Park Street I may have been impressed by their burgers, but I only ever went there for dessert. Their Flapjack Stack literally blew my mind! A massive portion of gorgeous American flapjacks, drenched in caramel sauce. This one was definitely quite a bit sweeter than my other favourites, but I loved it. Hell, I loved it so much I wrote a whole article on it (get it here). And when they took it off the menu, well, I was very, very disappointed. I still visit Jerry’s to enjoy their burgers, but the experience is never quite as complete without their flapjacks to follow.

Cape Town Desserts The Jerry's Flapjack Stack

Granted, back in the day my photos were tremendously bad and this looks all sorts of gross – but it sure was delicious!

Spur: Chico the Clown

This one is more of a long trip down memory lane to all the kids that grew up in the 90s. Remember how good Chico the Clown used to be? Amazing ice cream with the cone and the actual face and nuts and jelly tots and all the goodness??? I’ve been back to Spur many times as an adult and try to sneak in desserts from the kiddies menu whenever I can but, alas, good ol’ Chico has lost his magic. Every time I’ve had it, it’s been a slobbery (albeit delicious) mess with no sign of the Chico that once was – and, sadly, no recognisable face, just a few splatters of cheap candy. I feel sad for the kids of today that never got to know Chico in his heyday. He sure was a good dessert acquaintance to have! And will definitely live on in our memories.

Cape Town Desserts Chico the Clown

A shadow of what Chico the Clown used to be …

Do you have a favourite Cape Town dessert that’s no longer to be found? Share it with us 🙂

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: July 2017