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Radio Slug & Lettuce

Last week on the Peter Goffe-Wood Show on 2 Oceans Vibe Radio, all the excitement was focused on the re-opening of Slug & Lettuce Kloof Street, the last of the winter specials and an awesome competition with Meloncino, Greek Fisherman, and City Grill, and a divine review of Tjing Tjing (this will make you hungry!). Plus, keep an ear out for the special charity dinner with some local celebrities and a don’t drink and drive recommendation with Goodfellas!

Slug and Lettuce Kloof Street Re-Opens

The Slug and Lettuce Kloof Street has just re-opened after months of renovation. Check out the new space – and their new menu additions any day of the week. We’ll always highly recommend their burgers, but can’t wait to go check out some of their new items (have my eyes on the mussels).

Meloncino, City Grill, and Greek Fisherman: The Last of Winter Specials and an Awesome Competition

These three restaurants at the V&A Waterfront have run awesome specials all winter long, but they end this Thursday! So if you want to catch the last of the winter deals, then now’s your chance:

  • Meloncino: 50% off all pastas, pizzas and cocktails before 7pm.
  • Greek Fisherman: Buy one Seafood Platter for R140 and get a second one for half price before 7pm.
  • City Grill: 50% off gourmet steaks and burgers before 7pm.

They also have an awesome competition running at the moment, where you can stand the chance to win a NAC helicopter ride and a champagne dinner for two. The competition ends at the end of September, so be sure to still get an entry in. All the details here.

Tjing Tjing Review

Disclaimer: Don’t listen to this if you’re hungry. I made the mistake and Aimee makes this sound so delicious that my tummy is literally self-digesting! Turns out Tjing Tjing is more than just a cocktail bar – they have great food to boot and definitely is the spot we all should be checking out. The poke bowls sound like a winner! Listen to the full podcast here:

Charity Dinner

And even more exciting than all the restaurants and reviews is a charity dinner hosted by Peter Goffe-Woof, Aimee Eveleigh, Josie Borain, and Ard Matthews. Listen to the podcast for the initial details, but more to follow:

Be Safe, Use Goodfellas

And last but not least, there’s a special emphasis on this show to not drink and drive. Be safe, use Goodfells, endorsed by the one and only Peter Goffe-Wood. Listen to his recommendation here:

The next Peter Goffe-Wood Show will be live tomorrow afternoon. Don’t forget to tune in from 2pm on Two Oceans Vibe Radio.

Written by Benike Palfi

Show Date: 23 August 2017