Radio Part One: Cooking Classes and Knife Cleaners

Cooking Classes

Last week on the Peter Goffe-Wood Show on 2 Oceans Vibe Radio all the excitement was focused on cooking classes at the 126 Cape Kitchen and Cafe, knife cleaners, and three amazing restaurants. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve broken down the podcasts into two sections, so you’ll get  the cooking classes and gadget reviews here and the restaurant reviews next week.

Cooking Classes at the 126 Cape Kitchen and Cafe

If you’re the one who loves to cook but needs a little helping hand, then the cooking classes and interactive experiences at the 126 Cape Kitchen and Cafe at the Hilton Cape Town are for you. There’s three main experiences to choose from:

  • The Chef’s Table: A unique interactive dining experience where you’ll get to chat to chefs while they’re cooking your meal.
  • Master Cooking Class: A hands-on experience where you’ll get the chance to create your own gourmet three-course meal.
  • Baking Class: A fun experience to try your hand at delectable cakes and pastries.

Catch the podcast for all the details:

Banks Gadget Review: Knife Cleaner

Who knew that knifes could be the spot where dirty little bacteria hide out? Aimee certainly enlightened us to this fact! This last week in the Banks Gadget Reviews section, proudly sponsored by Banks Kitchen Boutique, the focus was on knife cleaners. They look unbelievably awesome, and Aimee shares everything you need to know. Listen here:

That’s the first part in a nutshell. Catch the second part of the radio show – with three amazing restaurant reviews –  first thing on Monday morning. Until then, have a splendid weekend!

Written by Benike Palfi

Show Date: 5 July 2017