We Recently Attended The SA Launch Of The GreenTest Nitrate Tester

GreenTest Nitrate Tester

We recently attended the SA launch of the GreenTest nitrate tester – a first of its kind- at the highly esteemed Reverie Social Table in Observatory. Nitrate tester? Say what? Exactly. 

GreenTest is a compact little device that tests nitrate levels in fruit, vegetables, meat, and water, helping people to quantify their daily nitrate intake and make healthier choices. The “food safe” nitrate levels are determined on the bases of World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.

What Is It About Nitrates?

Why is this important? Well, nitrate occurs naturally in fruit and vegetables, and is not harmful per se – in small ‘natural’ amounts. But modern agricultural methods have caused a massive increase in the levels of nitrate occurring in our food, which has been linked to diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and baby blue syndrome. Most of us don’t even know how much we’re consuming, and it’s exactly this what the nifty little GreenTest device attempts to change, by giving consumers the power to test nitrate levels in their food and take that knowledge to their retailers and demand change for the better.

GreenTest Nitrate Tester

GreenTest Nitrate Tester

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Chef Julia Hattingh of Reverie Social Table demonstrated the nitrate tester on a variety of fruits and vegetables from a variety of local retailers – not mentioning, of course, which retailers were being tested. Interestingly, though, according to the nitrate tests, fruits and vegetables from high-end retailers did not always do better than fruits and vegetables from the lower-end retailers, perhaps removing some stigma commonly associated with this.

It’s a nifty little device, and it’s super simple to use. Simply stick it into your food of choice (it can also measure nitrate levels in water and meat), select the food you’re testing either on the tester or the app (depending on which tester you have; more below), and, voila, results are there.

Get Yours

We’d highly recommend doing your own research on nitrate levels if this interests you. You can also get more info from the GreenTest website. GreenTest retails from R999 and there are four different testers available. These can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website at https://alvarita.co.za.

We’ll be back soon with more foodie news!

Photos Courtesy of 20 Across.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: March 2018