This may come as a surprise but I haven’t been entirely comfortable with heading outside and have yet to dine at a restaurant again. I have the immune system of a five-year-old – insanely happy and healthy but disease sticks to me like velcro and, if there’s something going around, I’m likely to catch it. So my velcro self has largely stayed put in my apartment and I’ve become very well-acquainted with delivery services. So when Old Town Italy Caffe Truck asked me to stop by for coffee and pastries, I was hesitant.

Head outside? See people? Put on real clothes? All of these have suddenly become very unfamiliar concepts – my PJs are very comfortable, thank you very much. But Old Town isn’t a cafe – it’s a food truck situated on the parking lot of The Grand. And anything you get there comes as a takeaway and you can consume it at your own pace away from anyone else. This sounded do-able, even for me. So my sister and I chose the next sunny day and headed down to Granger Bay.

The Old Town Italy Caffe Truck

We arrived at the Old Town Italy Caffe Truck at around 9 am and here was no one there, except for a wonderful barista, and Blayne, the manager. It was glorious. The truck itself is beautiful and in a semi-permanent setup, with wine barrels and tables out front, featuring Sir Juice immune-boosting shots, doggie biscuits, and more. They’ve set up numerous high tables and stools with umbrellas, all a comfortable 2m apart, and a sanitising spray on each table.

Old Town Italy Caffe Truck

Old Town Italy Caffe Truck Freshly-Pressed Juices

Fresh juices

Sir Fruit spicy turmeric shot

Sir Fruit spicy turmeric shot

Selection of Old Town biscotti

Selection of Old Town biscotti

The Menu Options

I loved the quiet and took the time to look through the goodies on display in the truck – a variety of croissants, muffins, cronuts, breakfast sandwiches, and pastei de natas. What to choose, what to choose?

Blayne made some recommendations – the Almond Croissant (R55) and the Cronut of the Day (R50 – this one was with peanut butter and jelly). He also suggested we try their unique twist on a French toast, rolled up around a banana and topped with chocolate.

With that, we also had one pastei de nata (R20), a flat white (R25), and a caramel latte (R35).

Feeling Safe Despite It All 

By this point, a few more people had joined – mostly couples stopping by after their morning jog to get some coffee and a croissant. Some sat down to enjoy their food there, soaking up the sunshine. Others simply got their takeaway and continued on their walk. That’s probably what I loved most about Old Town and its unique setup. It’s perfectly suited to this time, offering the casualness and freedom of fresh air that seems so necessary. The Old Town team wasn’t deterred by any lockdown regulations – they made a plan to thrive despite. That’s admirable.

Despite our initial reluctance to head out into the world, I certainly felt at ease at Old Town – so much so that we decided to enjoy our coffee and pastries right there. This may possibly have been an after-effect of me taking half a lifetime to take photos of everything so that Sabine had no choice but to enjoy her coffee before it got cold, while I took mandatory sips of my caramel latte (yum) to keep me going with my camera. It was bright, I couldn’t see my display, and I ended up taking something like 300 photos and videos. And I’m fully aware that once I’m done writing this, I’ll have to sift through them all and start editing. Story of my life …

Doggie biscuits

Doggie biscuits are available in two sizes: Large …

Old Town Italy Caffe Truck Small Dog Biscuits

… and small

Enjoying The Pastries

I sure wish I had some of the pastries to keep me going now. Blayne suggested that the almond croissant may just be the best almond croissant in Cape Town. I can certainly vouch for that. I’m obsessed with marzipan and almond croissants always have that perfect marzipan taste. Unlike usual croissants, the Old Town almond croissant was incredibly dense and absolutely stuffed with almond paste. It was glorious.

The other items were all great as well. I did end up choosing all of the sweet stuff, which left me on a bit of a sugar high. Retrospectively, it would have probably been better to try one of the breakfast sandwiches to give you a more well-rounded review. And prevent a sugar coma. But, alas … I trust that you’ll make a smarter choice.

Going back, I’d probably opt for a standard flat white (their coffee really is delicious) and an almond croissant. Or possibly a cronut, depending on the flavour of the day.

Old Town Italy Caffe Truck French Toast & Truck

Banana French Toast, rolled, and drizzled with chocolate

Peanut butter cronut

Peanut butter and jelly cronut, topped with raspberries and Turkish Delight

Old Town Italy Caffe Truck Almond Croissant

Delicious almond croissant

Old Town Italy Caffe Truck Coffee

Old Town Italy Caffe Truck Coffee

Try Old Town Caffe Food Truck At The V&A

All in all, I really enjoyed my Old Town experience. Both Sabine and I felt absolutely safe and comfortable, we ended up seeing a mutual friend and could engage in physically distanced conversation, and had a great mid-morning coffee break. If I lived in the Sea Point or Green Point area, I’d also definitely add this in as a mid-walk or post-walk stop.

You’ll find Old Town at The Grand in Granger Bay, just down the road from the Oranjezicht Market. They’re open daily from 07:30 – 16:00. For more information, visit their website or check them out on Instagram

And if you visit, enjoy!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: August 2020


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