I’ve always been a fan of Nobu. I mean, world-class Japanese-Peruvian dining? What’s not to love? The Nobu Cape Town is situated at the One & Only at the V&A Waterfront, which is certainly one of my favourite hotels in Cape Town, if only for its spectacular setting and gorgeous spa. But, right now, adventuring around isn’t on my to-do list (unfortunately), so I was only too glad to discover Nobu At Home.

See, with Nobu At Home, the One & Only Nobu team brings the Nobu experience to your home. With a wonderful menu of delectable items ranging from sushi to Bento boxes to a variety of the hot dishes Nobu is famous for, there definitely is something for everyone to choose from. They even offer a selection of virgin cocktails, alcohol-free wines, soft drinks, and mineral waters.

The Nobu At Home Experience

Currently, Nobu At Home is available for pick-up and delivery and you’ll receive your order in the most elegant takeaway packaging you’ll ever come across. The individual containers are beautifully branded, and everything is put together in a beautiful black box that resembles a serving tray. See pictures below.

I was lucky enough to try a small selection of Nobu’s sushi in order to sample the At Home experience. And what a joy it was. Head Chef Harold Hurtada always serves up food that’s fresh & delicious – plus, he’s an absolute joy of a person and you’ll be delighted if you ever have a chance to meet him or interact with him online.

Nobu At Home Delivery Box Neatly Packed

Wouldn’t you love all takeaways to look this pretty?

Nobu At Home Box Unpacked

Branded and labelled individual items

Nobu Cape Town California Rolls Sushi - Salmon & Avocado and Shrimp Tempura

The Inside Out/California Rolls – Tempura Shrimp and Salmon & Avocado

Nobu Cape Town Bluefin Tun and Shrimp Nigiri

The Nigiri: Bluefin Tuna and Blanched Shrimp

Sushi & More

I tried a simple selection from the Nobu At Home Menu:

  • Edamame (R105)
  • Bluefin Tuna Nigiri (R95 per piece)
  • Blanched Shrimp Nigiri (R45 per piece)
  • Salmon & Avocado Inside Out (R175)
  • Shrimp Tempura Inside Out (R200).

The Edamame beans were wonderful – as edamame always is! And I can fully attest to the quality of the Nobu sushi. This was the first time I had sushi since the lockdown began (and I usually eat sushi an average of 3x a week) – and was utterly indulging in every bite. High-quality ingredients, freshly made, and absolutely delicious. If you’re looking to spoil yourself, then you definitely can’t go wrong with sushi from Nobu.

Indeed, Nobu is quite well-known for its spectacular sushi. But what’s most acclaimed are its unique fusion hot dishes. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how these match up in the Nobu At Home boxes but I can redirect you to my previous dining experience at Nobu a few years back. If the quality is still the same, as I have every reason to believe it is, then you’ll be in for a treat with these as well.

Salted Edamame Beans

Edamame beans make a great starter for every sushi experience

Nobu Sushi - California Rolls and Nigiri

A small selection of some of the finest sushi you can have

Salmon and Avocado California Rolls

Salmon and avocado inside-out rolls are a classic – and one of my staple favourites!

Try Nobu At Home

Getting your own Nobu At Home experience is pretty simple. You can order online, and the experience is available for pick-up and delivery. Delivery is available within a 20km radius of the One & Only Cape Town, with the following delivery charges applied: 0-5km is free of charge, 5-10km is R100, 10-20km is R200. 

To sum up, here’s all the information you need in bite-size (like all good sushi should be):

  • Updates available on the One & Only Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • The menu includes sushi, snacks, Bento boxes, main dishes, virgin cocktails, and more. View the full menu here.
  • You can order online here.
  • Nobu At Home is available for pick-up or delivery.
  • Delivery available within a 20km radius of the One & Only Cape Town.
  • Delivery fees: 0-5km is free, 5-10km is R100, 10-20km is R200.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: August 2020


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