Disclaimer: I’m not vegan, and I have no intention of adopting a vegan lifestyle. What I am trying to do, however, is to turn more plant-based in general. This doesn’t mean substituting meat options with non-meat options. Aka, you won’t catch me eating vegan chicken nuggets because I oh so miss the taste of chicken nuggets. But I’ll eat more whole foods, more vegetables, and healthier food options in general. So I was pretty keen to try the Naked Leaf vegan burger patties – they’re not trying to be meat replacements. They’re just veggie goodness stuffed together so you can add them to your burger buns.

The Naked Leaf Burger Patties

Naked Leaf has two burger patty options. The first is the Beetroot & Bean burger patty, which, as you may have guessed, is a gorgeous purple-red that oozes with that beetroot goodness. The second is a Mushroom & Lentil burger patty, which is a heartier option. Naked Leaf promises that their vegan burger patties are nutritious, tasty, and made in an environmentally-conscious way. And: they don’t contain soy, egg, milk, or genetically modified plants.

A lot of vegan food may contain zero animal products. But they do contain a whole laboratory of chemically-produced additives that no health-conscious person would want to ingest. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Naked Leaf, which I applaud. The patties do contain sugar, which I don’t approve of. But other than that, they seem to rank pretty high on the good-for-you-scale.

Naked Leaf Vegan Burger Patties - Beetroot & Bean and Mushroom & Lentil

The Naked Leaf vegan burger patties in action

My Vegan Bunless Burger Menu

As a meat-eater, I generally like my burgers with non-vegan goodness, like cheese and bacon. I actually forgot about this until I set out to make the Naked Leaf vegan burger patties. And then I realised that adding bacon to my burger would kinda defeat the point. I did, however, add cheese to one of my burgers, turning it into a vegetarian burger instead of a fully vegan one. Personal preference, but it’s good to know that even non-vegans can enjoy these patties.

So how did I make them? Initially, I wanted to make a Beetroot & Bean burger and a Mushroom & Lentil burger, but eventually decided to add one of each patty to each burger I was creating. I opted to go bunless for both burgers. The first burger creation was served on a mixed coleslaw-style salad with white cabbage, red cabbage, and grated carrots, mixed with mayonnaise. The second burger option was served on a bed of mixed salad leaves and baby tomatoes, topped with grilled cheese and fried onions. Both burgers were delicious.

Need some recipe ideas for your burger? Try these delicious dips and sauces to add as toppings:

Marbled Turmeric & Beetroot Hummus | Green Olive Tapenade | Miso, Saffron & Orange Butter Bean Dip

Naked Leaf Vegan Burger Patties - Mushroom & Lentil Patty

Mushroom & lentil patty topped with grilled cheese and red onion

Tasting The Naked Leaf Vegan Burger Patties

Of the two patties, I personally preferred the Mushroom & Lentil burger patty. I enjoyed that heartier taste. The Beetroot & Bean patty was fresher and definitely had more of that raw veggie taste. This may have been a good option if I had served it standard-burger style on a bun with some more complementary toppings. But with the way I had prepared them, the Mushroom & Lentil one worked slightly better.

I did thoroughly enjoy both though. I felt satiated and satisfied after my meal, which I know is something many omnivores that try vegan (or even vegetarian) meals struggle with. The flavours were all there, the patties held together beautifully, and I definitely felt good after eating them. And, back to my original point, I felt like I was eating real veggie goodness, albeit stuck together in patty form, instead of some chemically-created concoction that’s meant to mimic meat.

(That said, I will fully admit that I’ve tasted some pretty epic vegan food that doesn’t necessarily follow these principles. The best? International vegan restaurant sensation, Eat by CHLOE.)

Naked Leaf Vegan Burger Patties - Beetroot & Bean Patty

Beetroot & Bean patty on a bed of coleslaw

Where To Buy Naked Leaf

Would I have these again? Sure! In my quest for more whole foods and plant-based goodness, the Naked Leaf vegan burger patties may just make a regular appearance.

This is a pretty brand new product so they’re not yet available everywhere, but you can pick them up for R125 for a pack of 8 or R315 for a pack of 30 and they get delivered right to your door! Simply e-mail Cathy at cathysteed@mweb.co.za or Whatsapp your order to +27 83 412 7891. You’ll also find more information on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Bonus: A number of restaurants & stores are now stocking Naked Leaf vegan burger patties and/or using them in their vegan burgers. Try out Organic Touch in Claremont, The Green House Grocer in Kenilworth,  Societi Bistro in Gardens, and Sirocco in Kalk Bay. Also check out the Naked Leaf social profiles for updates.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: May 2020


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