Stuffed butternut is an all-time favourite, and this mince-based recipe is everything you’d expect. It’s cheesy and rich and absolutely bursting with flavour.

Of course, you can easily adjust the recipe to suit a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. We even have a vegan stuffed butternut recipe that you can check out too.

Some notes on ground beef/mince: Ground beef always seems to gets a bad rep in the culinary world, largely due to its high fat content. That doesn’t mean we don’t love it, though we’d always suggest buying the best quality, extra lean mince available. Why extra lean? Ground beef is classified according to its fat content, and, generally, meets the following:

  • Standard mince is full fat
  • Lean mince has a maximum of 17% fat
  • Extra-lean mince has a maximum of 10% fat

So, extra-lean doesn’t get rid of all the fat and you’ll still get all the yummy flavour.

Now, for our stuffed butternut recipe. This recipe uses one medium-sized butternut, which is generally enough for two people. Feel free to adjust serving sizes as desired.


  • Medium-sized butternut (washed and cut in half, length-wise)
  • One packet of extra lean mincemeat
  • A handful of fresh mushrooms, sliced
  • A handful of your favourite cheese – gouda works really well
  • Spices for the mince (salt, black pepper, parsley, and paprika always work well)
  • Fresh herbs for mince and to top


  1. First up, you’ll have to cook that butternut, so cut it in half, length-wise, and pop it in a pot or a microwave until it’s soft.
  2. In the meantime, you can fry the mincemeat in a little butter until it’s quite dry and crunchy and then add in your sliced mushrooms and fresh herbs. Season as you wish.
  3. Once the butternut is done, scoop out the insides with a small spoon, leaving a fleshy outer layer.
  4. Then proceed to squeeze the mince-mushroom-herb mixture into the butternut bowl.
  5. Grate some cheese and sprinkle it on top of the mince and then put the whole thing under the grill until the cheese is completely molten and crunchy in places.
  6. Voila, quick and easy and oh-so-delicious meal!

Stuffed Butternut Notes

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