Milk Punch is the signature drink of Punch Room at The London EDITION and has established itself as a clear favourite in the London cocktail scene. Check out the original Milk Punch cocktail recipe below.

Davide Segat, Director of Bars at EDITION, says “Milk punch was a drink that became very popular during the eighteenth century. It’s remained popular for over a hundred years, unlike other cocktails! It’s a very interesting and complex drink, but nowadays we have the ability to play around with the different spirits, spices, teas and sugars – whilst still respecting the original recipe.  We have the Milk Punch on the menu because it undergoes an incredible transformation after a chemical reaction between the milk and the acid. What originally seems an unappealing concoction becomes a clear, smooth and fragrant cocktail.”


  • Pineapple 600g
  • Cloves 6
  • Coriander seed 20
  • Angelica seed 20
  • Allspice  6
  • Star anise 1
  • Lemon Sherbet 400ml
  • Ceylon Arrack  200ml
  • Somerset Cider Brandy  300ml
  • Hennessy VSOP 300ml
  • Havana 3yo 400ml
  • RARETEA Milk Oolong Tea 200ml
  • Boiling water 800ml
  • Fresh lemon juice 50ml
  • Full-fat milk  800ml


  1. First, blend the multiple spirits: Batavia Arrak, Havana 3yo, Somerset Cider Brandy and Hennessy VSOP Cognac.
  2. Secondly add in the spices used: coriander seeds, star anise, pimento, allspice, cloves.
  3. Then add the lemon sherbet, the milk oolong tea and fresh pineapple. The maceration of these ingredients is crucial as the spirits need to absorb all the flavours of the fruit and spices.
  4. After 6 hours, remove all of the solids from the liquid and add milk and lemon juice, which curdles and releases proteins into the punch.
  5. Serve!

Yes, this milk punch cocktail recipe may take some effort. But you’ll be happy with what you get!

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