So if you’ve kept an eye on social media over the weekend, you will probably have seen that we’ve been busy with birthday shenanigans. That’s right, I Love Foodies celebrated its second birthday over the weekend – and we’re now proudly entering the toddler stage of the blogger world!

We held a lovely celebration on Saturday evening at Harringtons Cocktail Lounge, our favourite fancy spot in town. They spoiled us utterly with divine margaritas and a selection of lamb and tuna tacos. And of course the venue was perfect for us – large and beautiful and full of glamour.

The I Love Foodies 2nd Birthday Party Peeps

* Party people: Tracey from FitnessGirl, Candice from Candibod, and me

But that’s not the only thing that was perfect on the night. The Nice Company was kind enough to sponsor us dozens of their ice cream treats, and everyone who attended got to munch one of the many flavours. Favourites included the Iced Coffee, Vanilla Bean, Butterscotch, and Apricot Cheesecake flavours.

And of course the highlight of the evening was the cake, proudly sponsored by Hundreds N Thousands. They’re a small family-run bakery that focuses on special occasions, celebrations, and events. We couldn’t fit their mobile event tuk tuk into Harringtons (wouldn’t that have been a sight), but the cake was large enough to feed the forty-something guests. And – good news – it’s not only drop dead gorgeous: It was delicious too!

The I Love Foodies 2nd Birthday Party

The perfect birthday cake

Massive thank yous to Harringtons, The Nice Company, and Hundreds N Thousands for making this event so memorable. And of course a massive thank you to each and every one that attended. You have all in one way or another influenced the I Love Foodies journey. It is your continuous love and support that keeps me going.

I am eternally grateful.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: May 2017

*Photo marked by an asterisk courtesy of Tracey Lee Lusty.