The I Love Foodies Top Five Restaurants Of 2017

Top Five Restaurants Of 2017

2017. What a year. I’m a little confused that it’s almost over already, but looking back at all the eating I’ve done, perhaps that’s a good thing. In the last year, I Love Foodies has published over 200 reviews – that’s a lot of food, a lot of drinks, and a lot of fun! So looking back over the past 200 places, I’ve had to decide on what my top restaurants of the year would be. 

This year was tough. I’ve re-visited many old favourites – Benguela on Main, Dash Restaurant, Mondiall – and wanted to include all of those. But the top restaurants of 2017, for me, always have to be new spots.

I narrowed the 200 down to 15. In those top 15 I had fine dining, casual, and café favourites such as Pigalle, Soet Society Café, Harringtons Cocktail Lounge, Holden Manz, and Roast and Co. But I had to narrow it down even more. Usually I do a Top Three. This year I’ve had to make it a Top Five. So, here you are, in no particular order, the I Love Foodies Top Five Restaurants of 2017!

Mink & Trout

I visited Mink & Trout earlier this year with Dean from InstaEats Cape Town. It’s run by the same team that managed Birds Café, which was a personal favourite for many years. What made this restaurant stand out is that it managed to convince me of dishes that I had never particularly enjoyed before. Ceviche, for one, and the concept of Surf & Turf as another. This was also the first time I had a good Tiramisu at a restaurant – most seem to fail miserably at presenting this dish. So for that Mink & Trout has got to be one of my top five restaurants of 2017.

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Top Five Restaurants Of 2017 Mink & Trout

Mink & Trout’s Land & Sea dish with pork belly with monkfish loin

Reverie Social Table

Reverie Social Table was on my must-visit list for 2017, so I’m very glad that I succeeded in going there. What a treat. I went for a food and Paul Rene bubbly pairing and was accompanied by some of my favourite foodies. Chef Julia Hattingh is an absolute master in the kitchen, and every single dish was pure perfection in terms of presentation, texture, and flavour. I couldn’t fault a single a thing, and Reverie Social Table definitely deserves to be on my top five restaurants of 2017 list.

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Top Five Restaurants of 2017 Reverie Social Table

Reverie’s fresh mussels with cauli veloute, lemon atcha, seaweed dust, and chonzo oil

Nobu Cape Town

It may be of little surprise that Nobu is on this list. How could it not be? This is world-class dining at its best, and the international standard of the Nobu brand rings true in every dish. From dishes such as lobster sushi, an extraordinary spinach salad, and the unforgettable Nobu signature, the Black Cod, this spot wowed me with every dish presented. Definitely remarkable.

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Top Five Restaurants Of 2017 Nobu Cape Town

The Nobu signature: Black Cod

Giulio’s Cafe

This may be a surprising addition, but the new dinner menu at Giulio’s left such an impression on me that I simply had to include this spot. Perhaps it was Giulio’s charm, sincerity, and humour, perhaps it was the beautiful setting, but perhaps it really was only all about the food. I visited Giulio’s to preview their dinner menu, and the Italian dishes were simple but full of flavour. I can only see this place going from strength to strength, and for that reason I’ve had to include it in my top five restaurants of 2017 list.

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Top Five Restaurants Of 2017 Giulio's Cafe

Giulio’s Veal Marsala

Lapo’s Kitchen

Surprisingly, another Italian spot. I discovered Lapo’s Kitchen through UKitchen. It’s definitely a hidden gem, and guests are entertained in Lapo’s own home, which he converts into a pop-up restaurant for private dinners. Lapo is a wonderful human being, and his love for food comes through in every dish that he cooks. He’s also astronomically well-priced, and I can’t wait to go back.

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Top Five Restaurants Of 2017 Lapo's Kitchen

Lapo’s Karoo lamb with hassleback potatoes. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Apologies.

And there you go, the I Love Foodies Top 5 Restaurants of 2017! With that we’ll be closing for the year for some much-needed time off.

But don’t despair, we’ll be back in Jan with our must-visit restaurant list of 2018! If you have any suggestions of spots we definitely have to try, feel free to pop us a mail!

Happy holidays!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: December 2017