Vegan Heaven At The Vurger Co In Shoreditch

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For a healthy alternative to burgers (and more), The Vurger Co is the place to go. With one mission – to revolutionise fast food through the power of plants – The Vurger Co is a must-visit to enjoy the latest foodie trend: Vegan burgers. 

Located in London’s vibrant Shoreditch district, The Vurger Co is conveniently situated in the center of London’s beating pulse. The atmosphere of The Vurger Co is reflective of its location: vibrant and exciting. It’s packed with happy customers, an alluring display of shakes, and the tantilising menu that immediately makes you want to get your knife and fork ready to dig in.

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Burgers Going Plant-Based

When reviewing the 100% plant-based menu, you’ll be surprised at the abundance of healthy alternatives to all your go-to cheat-day treats, from burgers to mac and cheese to a delicious selection of sides, including vegan Kentucky dunkers and, of course, fries, as no restaurant is ever complete without these.

Thanks to the recommendation of our trusty waitress, I Love Foodies got to enjoy the classic burger, which, as it names entails, is a timeless go-to. With its host of healthy ingredients (Black bean, chargrilled red pepper, chickpea and corn patty with tomato, red onion, gherkin, vegan cheese and house burger sauce), this isn’t your typical classic burger. Over-spilling with vegetables, bursting with flavour, and dripping in the delicious house-made burger source, this burger really is a classic worth going back for.

For those that like it hot, we would suggest the Augburger. Fillings include aubergine, chickpea, red onion, pickled red cabbage, gherkin, tomato and vegan cheese – all packed into a Tabasco chipotle patty for an extra kick.

Vurger burgers and fries and mac and cheese

Vurger burger

Vurger classic burger


Would You Like Some Fries With That?

For an extra treat, why not add a side order of skin on fries or sweet potato fries? Or, if you want the full experience like I Love Foodies … do both! We promise, you won’t regret it. Another side you simply cannot miss is the vegan mac and cheese. This will leave you questioning how this vegan cheese could beat the real thing. This also comes with an exclusive pesto option available.

Vurger mac and cheese

Vurger fries


For a dessert (or drink), the shakes are a must. With a variety of flavours ranging from Banana Caramel to Biscoff, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Whatever flavour you choose from, your shake will be topped with the delightful vegan cream. Bursting with flavour, the only thing missing from this delicious shake is fat. Be sure to ask for the flavour of the day!

Vurger milkshakes

Head To The Vurger Co

And, as if the food and delicious shakes weren’t reason enough to return, the light and non-guilty feeling of a healthy gut is just the cherry on top of this vegan treat. Get all the info on The Vurger Co below.

The Vurger Co

Address: Unit 9, Avant Garde Building, 6 Richmix Square, Cygnet Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 6LD

Opening Times: Sunday – Thursday (Midday – 21:00), Friday & Saturday (Midday – 22:00)



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Written by Molly O’Donovan


Article Date: May 2019

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