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Crowne Plaza

I’ve worked with The Entertainer App for numerous years now, and am a HUGE fan of what they have to offer. I mean, two for one deals? How could anyone resist? And though I’ve spent most of my time working with them in Cape Town, my recent move over to London has given me the chance to explore The Entertainer App UK as well. I’ve used the app at a variety of different restaurants (#saving), and most recently spent a day at the Crowne Plaza Hotel to try out their superb spa and prosecco afternoon tea.

A girls’ day out is a recipe for success, so I grabbed my friend Kassandra, and off we went to Battersea to explore all that the Crowne Plaza Hotel has to offer. We looked at the café space, already excited for our afternoon experience, but first it was spa time!

Crowne Plaza spa verta

Welcome to Spa Verta

Spa Verta

The Spa Area

The Crowne Plaza Spa – Spa Verta – is small, but very special. It’s totally relaxing, and the second you enter you’re transported to a magical different world full of sweet smells and gentle sounds. The spa area is at the bottom of the hotel, completely cut off from the world, which definitely ups the tranquillity. We were booked in for two Express Back, Neck & Shoulder massages (£40 for 25 minutes), but came a little early to enjoy the sauna and hydro pool, always two definite highlights.

Crowne Plaza spa verta room

Spa treatment rooms

Crowne Plaza spa verta

Robe and slippers

The Spa Treatments & Lounge

Before and after treatments you also get to relax in the spa lounge, enjoying a few nibbles, lemon water, and gorgeous Tea Pigs tea. We didn’t have a chance to chill out before our treatment (I’ll blame the hydro pool), but did spend about half an hour lounging around after our treatments. And our actual treatments? Amazing! 25 minutes is always too short for massages, but I think you could give me a 90 minute massage and I’d complain that it’s too short. Heehee. My massage therapist was amazing, so kind, applying the perfect pressure, and sending me off into back massage wonderland.

Crowne Plaza afternoon tea

The afternoon tea lounge

Prosecco Afternoon Tea

As said, we relaxed in the lounge afterwards, before heading up for our afternoon tea. There are a few afternoon tea options available at the Crowne Plaza. You can book a two-course afternoon tea (drinks excluded) with any spa treatment for £15, and then you can also enjoy the full afternoon tea experience (£22.50) or the prosecco afternoon tea experience (£26.00). I’m a girly girl, and prosecco it had to be!

Crowne Plaza afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea Time!!!!!

Tea Pigs

But first, a note on the tea. The Crowne Plaza introduced me to Tea Pigs, which is probably the most amazing tea I’ve ever had. In the spa lounge I had a Chocolate & Mint tea, and for the afternoon tea I enjoyed a pot of Super Fruit tea (with hibiscus, elderberries, cranberries, blackcurrants & blueberries).

Crowne Plaza tea pigs

Glorious Tea Pigs tea

The Food

Food-wise, the afternoon tea includes Egg & Cress Mayonnaise sandwiches, Cucumber & Emmenthal Cheese sandwiches, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese sandwiches, Cured Ham & English Mustard sandwiches, Scones with Clotted Cream & Jam, and an assortment of sweet treats. We had specified dairy free options for Kassandra, but the service was a little lacking and we had some problems with this, but management was on it and got it sorted quickly. For the dairy-free options, Kassandra got a gorgeous plate of fruit and assorted sandwiches. It was a little sad that there weren’t sweet alternatives – but it meant more for me. Heehee.

I probably want to say that the scones were my absolute favourite – soft, yet crunchy, and perfect with the clotted cream and jam! The sandwiches were a little on the dry side, but I did still feel super fancy eating finger cucumber sandwiches in London. And the sweet treats were all chocolatey and wonderful. There was one in particular I loved that tasted just like Hanuta, and if you don’t know what that is then you need to go on to Amazon and order a packet RIGHT NOW. You won’t regret it.

Crowne Plaza scones

Most delicious scones and jam

Crowne Plaza sandwiches

Finger sandwiches

Crowne Plaza fresh fruit

Fruit salad

Crowne Plaza sweets

Sweet deliciousness

Visit The Crowne Plaza Hotel & Spa Verta

To book your visit to The Crowne Plaza Hotel and to check out Spa Verta, see below. To find out more about the Entertainer App and their awesome two-for-one deals, click here.

Crowne Plaza Hotel & Spa Verta

Address: Bridges Wharf, Battersea SW11 3BE

Crowne Plaza Website:

Spa Verta Website:

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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: October 2018


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