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Tom Simmons

I’ve always been a fan of fine dining meals. While I’d never call myself a food snob and will literally eat anything from your most basic burger to the most gourmet meal and be a happy little chappie, I definitely feel very at home in the latter category and very excited by meals with a touch of this and a mousse of that. So visiting Tom Simmons at One Tower Bridge was bound to be a great experience, and I loved it from the second I walked in.

Award-winning Welsh Chef and MasterChef finalist Tom Simmons heads this restaurant to showcase his relaxed and elegant cooking style. Relaxed and elegant it may be, but simple it is definitely not.

Tom Simmons

Welcome to Tom Simmons

It’s All About The Butter

We started off the Tom Simmons experience with some sourdough bread, whipped leek butter, and some olives. I always like to judge a restaurant by the butter it serves, and generally if the butter is a winner, then I’m pretty certain the rest of the dishes will be winners too. This leek butter was an absolute winner – beautifully soft and absolutely delicious! Surprisingly, I even really liked the olives – and I’ve never been a fan!

Course One: Orkney King Scallops

From there, we enjoyed Orkney King Scallops, served with cauliflower and pork belly (£14.50). This was paired with the Leeuwin Estate 2014 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon. I’m not much of a Sauvignon Blanc fan, but this one was delightful, and the pairing wonderful. The one thing I am a massive fan of, though, is scallops, and I was overjoyed at finally having these again. To be honest, though, pork belly and scallops seems to be a popular pairing these days and I’ve seen it at numerous restaurants, but the combination doesn’t do it for me – perhaps because I am a huge fan of pork belly and a huge fan of scallops, so I’d rather enjoy them in all their glory on their own. Nonetheless, I loved the dish.

Tom Simmons scallop and pork belly

Scallop & pork belly

Course Two: Welsh Spring Lamb Loin

Pork belly and scallop delight was followed by a beautiful Welsh Spring Lamb Loin with Jerusalem artichoke (my favourites), cavolo nero, and parsley oil (£24.50). This was paired with the Explorer 2013 Cabernet Shiraz from Australia. The dish was divine, as was the pairing. The Cab Shiraz seems to be the perfect blend to lighten this usually heavy red wine, and it went excellently with the lightness of the medium-rare lamb belly. It’d have this again in a heartbeat.

Tom Simmons lamb

Delectable lamb

Course Three: Shetland Isles Salmon

Next up was one more hearty dish: The Shetland Isles Salmon, served with Brixham crab, watercress cream, new potatoes, and samphire (£24.50)! This was paired with the Guy Allion Pinot Noir. I found the red wine and salmon pairing unusual as I’m far more accustomed to the lighter white wines with fish, but the pairing worked brilliantly with the fattiness of the salmon. The fish itself was beautifully tender, and the whole flavour profile superb. It came served with a side of fine beans and a side of crispy layered potatoes. The latter rocked my world and are probably the most delicious potatoes I’ve ever tasted – think, literally, wafer-thin slices of potatoes held together by the most delicious crunch.

Tom Simmons salmon

Salmon goodness

Course Dessert: Apple Terrine

The dessert similarly rocked my world: Apple terrine with puff pastry, homemade vanilla ice cream and the most divine homemade toffee (£8.50). Even though both the vanilla ice cream and the toffee (literally the thickest caramel ever) were out of this world, I was particularly impressed by the apple terrine: 50 of the thinnest apple slices you’ll ever find, baked together to create an absolute dessert delight.

Tom Simmons definitely stole my heart with that dessert – and those who read my reviews regularly will know that’s not something I say often. Needless to say, Tom Simmons gets a massive thumbs up from me – as well as a desperate plea for that toffee to be sold to the public so I can stock up and enjoy it at home.

Tom Simmons dessert

My heavenly dessert

Make Your Way To Tom Simmons

You’ll love your experience at Tom Simmons, guaranteed. Get all the details of how to make your way there below.

Tom Simmons

Address: One Tower Bridge, 2 Still Walk, London

Opening Times: Tuesday – Saturday (12:00 – 16:00 & 17:30 – 23:00)

Website: www.tom-simmons.co.uk

E-mail: info@tom-simmons.co.uk

Call: +44 (0) 203 848 2100

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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: October 2018


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