Rosa’s Thai Cafe: The Time I Ignored Chilli Warnings And Loved It

Rosa's Thai Cafe

Rosa’s Thai Café at One Tower Bridge, just off the Tower Bridge in Central London, is known as the home of modern Thai food. Created by Alex and Saiphin Moore, Rosa’s Thai Café aims to combine British and Thai cultures, with the best of Thai on the menu, and the best of British in terms of café experience.

I have a love/hate relationship with Thai food. Ok, it’s 90% love as I’m obsessed with Thai food, but there’s a little bit of hate in there coz I can’t handle spices well at all – and all the best Thai food has that nice oomph of spice that comes with it. Mostly I stick to the milder options – Pad Thai, mild curries, and the sorts. But every now and then I like to venture a little off my mild spice road and try something a little more exotic.

Rosa's Thai Cafe

Welcome to Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Rosa's Thai Cafe

How cool are the tables?

Getting My Chilli On

I was so intrigued by the menu at Rosa’s Thai Café that I did just that – though partly I’ll also blame my excitement at yummy food that I didn’t notice the little chilli warnings on the side. I always look at the spice level before ordering, but this time I literally just didn’t notice – but it was probably a good thing otherwise I would have never ordered what I did!

I started off with the Papaya Salad (£8.25), made with raw Thai papaya, fine beans, tomatoes, dried shrimp, cashews, and a tangy dressing. I’ve never had a Thai papaya salad before, and certainly haven’t had raw Thai papaya before. For those who haven’t either: It’s interesting, whitish in colour and almost cabbage-y & sprout-y in taste, though crunchier. If you’ve had it and have a better description, please share in the comments below. The salad was delicious, and I found myself stealing more and more spoonfuls even though my mouth was on fire!

Next up was Rosa’s Green Curry with Chicken (£8.95), served with aubergine, bamboo shoots & sweet basil. This curry was divine – yes, obviously a little on the spicy side coz I missed the two chilli warnings – but absolutely divine, and with the addition of rice the spice factor wasn’t unbearable at all!

Rosa's Thai Cafe food

Papaya salad on the left, curry goodness on the right

Thumbs Up For Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Even though the food was lovely, I’m still mostly impressed at the reasonable prices at Rosa’s Thai Café. I’ve eaten at dozens of Thai restaurants since moving to London, and this one certainly ranks pretty high on the best value for money scale! There are actually numerous Rosa’s Thai Cafes around London, but you’ll find all the details for the One Tower Bridge one below.

Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Address: One Tower Bridge, London

Opening Times: Sunday – Thursday (12:00 – 22:30), Friday & Saturday (12:00 – 23:00)


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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: October 2018


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