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La Motte wine

I’m a big fan of La Motte. Sure, their wine is fantastic, of course, and I have numerous bottles at home that I’m keeping for special occasions – like my return to Cape Town later this year! But there’s also something spectacular about the wine estate itself. It is one of those incomparable Franschhoek wine estates that offers a truly beautiful atmosphere … and something very special.

The Franschhoek Magic

La Motte is situated just outside of Franschhoek, making it the perfect go-to estate for any trip out of the city. Like most estates in and around Franschhoek, it offers incomparable views. I think there’s a certain magic in the Franschhoek air. Driving that long windy road that takes you to this time-capsuled town really works in lessening stress, fear, and anxiety, and, once there, you’re met by a certain amount of tranquillity. Maybe it’s the serene nature views. Maybe it’s the prospect of copious amounts of wine. Maybe it’s the little shops and art galleries. Maybe it’s magic. But Franschhoek definitely has it, and La Motte definitely shares in that.

Grape Varietals

But there’s more to La Motte than the Franschhoek magic. The whole estate itself is beautiful. Yes, the visitors’ area is a little on the small side. But what it lacks in size it definitely makes up for in romance and character. The entrance showcases a whole bunch of different grape varietals, which I personally always find tremendously interesting. Definitely one of my favourite things to do when visiting the estate is walking through those vines and reading up on and trying to spot the differences between all the varietals. It’s hard to believe that there really are so many varietals out there! And they’re all wonderful in their own way.

Foodie Offerings

Then there’s the actual space beyond the welcoming doors – a beautiful garden, perfect for any summer’s day, a deli, an art gallery, the spectacular Pierneef à La Motte Restaurant, and a wine tasting area. And there are lots of goodies to be tried here. Like an art gallery tour, a custom wine tasting, a two-course starter and main option deal, or the Winelands Cheese Platter / Seasonal Farm Plate with a glass of wine (at R150 per person). But, of course, there’s so much more as well.

La Motte food and wine

We’ll Be Visiting Soon

We’ll be heading out to La Motte soon to try their spectacular food offering. Keep out for that experience on social media and the reviews section soon! Want to visit before that? Here are the details:

La Motte

Address: La Motte Wine Estate, R45, Main Road Franschhoek



Call: +27 21 876 8000

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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: October 2019

All images courtesy of La Motte.


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