The Kumala Wines Keeping It Kolourful Charity Campaign


Kumala Wines have already made a name for themselves on the world ‘wine stage’ as one of the most popular wines exported from South Africa. Now they’re putting the ‘local’ back into ‘local is lekker’ by retailing their Zenith Range at over 800 Shoprite Checkers stores in South Africa. It’s about time!

Accolade Wines, who oversee the distribution of Kumala Wines in the UK, has spearheaded this movement by investing a whopping £1 000 000 in bringing the popular portfolio home to South African consumers. This is great news for our diverse rainbow nation as there really is something for everyone within their range. Whether it be fruity or dry, white or red, mellow or full-bodied, you’re guaranteed to find a quality wine that will tickle your fancy.

Each and every bottle of Kumala Wine is made with a great deal of care. From the day the seeds are sown to the moment the wine is bottled, the winemakers pride themselves on being truly present at each stage of the process. This ensures the wines are perfect in every way once they reach their final destination!


Keeping It Kolourful

With Kumala, the ‘care’ doesn’t stop there! Kumala Wines are committed to giving back to the community.  Other than their role as an ongoing sponsor of ‘Pink Drive’ (a well-known South African Breast Cancer Awareness Association), they are adding ‘kolour’ (yes, colour with a ‘k’) in their #KeepingItKolourful charity campaign.

I Love Foodies visited their acutely ‘kolourful’ stand at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town recently to join in on the fun and learn more about their highly anticipated Reserve Range. All the art and life-size displays created as part of the Keeping It Kolourful campaign will be donated to charity to help brighten the lives of our nation.


Support Kumala Wines

This brand goes above and beyond to ensure that whenever a bottle of Kumala Wine is enjoyed, the patience, care and skill involved in producing the wine can be wholly experienced in each sip. And, of course, we all love a little (k)colour.

Follow Kumala Wines on Instagram  to stay up to date with their new wines and the various events that they have lined up in the coming months. If you’re as eager to try their new Reserve Range as I was, pop by for a tasting at Flagstone Wines in Somerset West – just outside of Cape Town.

Kumala Wines


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Written by Claire Williams
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Article Date: October 2018


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