A Mouthwatering Lunch at Roasting Jacks

When I first heard that Roasting Jacks was an all-chicken restaurant, I was a little sceptical. Don’t get me wrong. I love chicken. But ALL CHICKEN?!? With that in mind, I was also very intrigued as to how a menu might be set up around the common poultry.

It was a Saturday afternoon in Johannesburg. Winter seemed to be giving its last dying kicks of the season with spring peeking out its shy head. The moment I walked into Roasting Jacks it was evident that something was a little different about the place. The spot is situated at the wedge shopping centre in Morningside, Sandton, and the place has a vibey set-up. I’m sure this would easily transfer into a great nighttime outing. With the words Wine, Beer, Coffee, and Baguettes written across the bar, and the mouthwatering smell of roast chicken in the air, I knew I might have misjudged.

French Influences

The new chef, Terence Klaff, welcomed us. He explained that the restaurant is conceptualized around French cuisine. To me, the French influence was evident in the menu as unmistakably French ingredients were dotted over the page.

Picnic-Style Meal

The delicious smell in the air was nearly diving me insane when the beautiful French-style picnic meal was put in front of me. When I asked Klaff what he would call their signature item, there was no hesitation in the answer: The rotisserie chicken. So obviously I had to tuck into the roast chicken first!

The Roast Chicken

Honestly? I definitely do not see myself as an expert in French cuisine, but, wow, what a chicken. I know everyone likes to think their mom’s Sunday roast is unbeatable but this was probably one of the best roast chickens I have ever eaten. The meat was nice and moist, with delicious crispy skin and smoky flavour.

The Sides

The sides that accompanied the chicken were a freshly baked mini-baguette, spicy corn salsa with chilli and coriander, potato salad with their house mayo and chopped pickles, potato fries, corn slaw with a touch of coriander, and a beautiful golden blooming onion served with roasted garlic mayo.

ALL the sides were great. I kept jumping between each of them, trying to decide which my favourite was. Not an easy task. Because I am partial to hot food, I think the spicy corn salsa with chilli and coriander really stood out for me. But, be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart. So if spicy food is not for you, maybe give this one a skip. The bread was also nice and warm and soft on the inside, and worked well with the other elements.

Salads & Burgers

Just when I thought I was thoroughly impressed, we were treated to two more mains. The blue cheese, walnut, chicken salad, and the bacon / macon jam and cheddar burger.

Out of the whole meal, the salad turned out to be my favourite. The grilled chicken breast was moist and flavoursome, accompanied by a delightfully classic combination of roasted walnuts, blue cheese, cranberries, lettuce, rocket, and homemade creamy blue cheese dressing. Flavour combinations that, in my opinion, can never get old.

Now, a special mention needs to go to the bacon/macon jam. It took the burger to the next level, constantly making me want to go back for another bite. In the burger, the grilled chicken breast was delicious and topped with the bacon jam, creamy Emmental sauce, and white cheddar, all encased by a freshly baked roll.

Roasting Jacks salad

Gingerbread Milkshake

By this stage, I thought we would be rolling out sideways because I was so full. But my sweet tooth would not let me leave before I tried the Gingerbread Milkshake I spotted a few girls tables away from me sipping on. All I can say is YUM! This was all the flavour and goodness of a gingerbread cookie in a decadent creamy form.

Roasting Jacks milkshake gingerbread

Definitely A Thumbs Up

I think it is safe to say that I have been converted. After a meal like that, anyone would be! Klaff explained they have just started doing breakfast too, so I might just pop in again to give that a try!

With the store open for only 9 months now, Klaff says their take away business has been booming. So even if you are just passing through the area and want to grab something to nibble on (even on the go), this would be a great stop. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by the stylish takeaway bags, but even more impressed with what they contain inside them.

Roasting Jacks takeaway bag

Visit Roasting Jacks

For all details on Roasting Jacks and to plan your visit, see below.

Roasting Jacks

Address: Shop 5, The Wedge, 255 Rivonia Road, Johannesburg

 Email: manager@roastingjacks.co.za

Call: +27 113265102

Website: www.roastingjacks.co.za

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Written by Valerie Joy Robinson

Article Date: October 2019


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