Introducing The New Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin

Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin

My love affair with gin started when my good friend Darryn gifted my sister a bottle of Inverroche Classic Gin from the Fynbos Collection for her birthday a few years back. Till then, gin had been this horrible tasting thing people much older than my parents would drink. But then, cause siblings share, I tasted Inverroche and that was it, I became a gin lover! Well, maybe I need to say I became a lover of really good handcrafted gin …

The three Inverroche Fynbos Collection gins have remained a firm favourite in the I Love Foodies household. So, when we heard that Inverroche was launching its first gin as part of the new Creative Collection, we got very, very excited.

A little while ago a bunch of lucky foodies and I met up at The Silo Hotel where we were introduced to the brand new Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin by founder and CEO of Inverroche, the amazing and passionate Lorna Scott! And what a beautiful and delicate gin it is.

Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin

Interested in pretty things …

Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin

Inverroche CEO Lorna Scott

The Coco Carissa

Using seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree from the Amazonian forests in South America and the red berries of the Carissa bispinosa tree from the forests of the Southen Cape, Coco Carissa is truly one of a kind. I can honestly say I have never had anything like it and it shot straight up to the best gin I have ever tasted. As a limited edition with only 30 000 bottles, this is a gin I definitely need in my collection.

Coco Carissa is a fantastic sipping gin and we paired it with homemade chocolates and berries, which brought out the cocoa and berry flavours beautifully. Generally I don’t like mixing things that are fantastic on their own, but we were presented with some cocktails using Coco Carissa that I just had to try!

Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin

How pretty?

Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin

The limited edition

Cocktails & Pairings

As a welcome drink we had a Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin and tonic with strawberries, which was so amazing I actually wish I had some right now. I also really enjoyed the Coco Chanel – Coco Carissa, balsamic & chocolate shrub, grapefruit juice, coconut water, pinotage bitters, and garnished with Turkish delight & fresh seasonal berries.

Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin


Try Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin

So here is the thing: There is a certain quality and style you expect from an Inverroche Gin. The new Coco Carissa doesn’t just meet those expectations, it exceeds it!

Currently Inverroche Coco Carissa Gin retails for R379 on A huge thank you to Inverroche and Lorna for introducing us to this magical gin. And of course to Crystal for always making sure I Love Foodies is in on the action.

Inverroche Gin


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Photos courtesy of Inverroche.

Written by Sabine Palfi
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Article Date: October 2018


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