Immortal, An Immersive Theatre Show With I Love Foodies Contributor Shannyn Fourie


We at I Love Foodies like to support the gorgeous souls that give their time and energy to us. We have a team of contributors that attend events and do reviews with happy spirits, tweeting up a storm, and making sure articles get to the “head office” (aka wherever I choose to set up my coffee shop office for the day) in time. So it’s an absolute pleasure – and, indeed, an honour – to be supporting one of our very own, Shannyn Fourie, in her latest theatrical endeavour with Immortal.

Now, as most of you will know, I’m an actress as well, and so know many of the talented people in the cast of Immortal, but from an I Love Foodies side I’m particularly excited about Shannyn. Not only is she a wonderful person – someone you can always count on – but she’s also an insanely talented actress and singer. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful and watching her sing sends shivers up and down my spine every single time. And that’s just going to Aces & Spades Wednesday karaoke with her!!!!

Tonight I get to watch her – and all the other talented Immortal cast and the work of the crew – live in action at the Castle of Good Hope. Weird place to host a theatrical production? Sure. But it makes sense when you find out what this show is all about.

Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure what this show is all about. Which is why I’m so excited to see it. The website says this:

“Immersive theatre, the phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, is set for South African shores this holiday season.

Choose your own path as you step boldly into a mysterious new realm where every sense is engaged. Get up close to the world of ‘Immortal’ – the first-ever ‘immersive’ production of its kind in SA – and uncover the secrets of a mansion lost in time.

Experience this innovative, cutting-edge form of theatre that will transfix, transform and transport you like no other.”

And then it goes on to tell you to wear flat, comfortable shoes, that you’ll wear a mask for the duration of the show, and that you’ll navigate several flights of stairs. Not even the teaser video (below) tells me more. Except that I might be scared and I’m glad I’m going with my sister in case I get spooked. I’m easily spooked.

My good friend Gal Ezra (whom I see far too seldom), who you’ll know as one of the masterminds behind We Love Summer and Feastival, had this to say about the show:

“The art, attention to detail, and passion that went into this blew me away. Didn’t know what to expect going into this as the “immersive” experience was unknown to me … but I was beyond wow’ed. Highly recommended!”

Gal is one of those people who does a million cooler things than I do. And him saying that is a pretty impressive thing.

So stay tuned to social media tonight after the show (it starts at 7:30) for some gushing reviews on what went down and what I thought! Though obviously I’ll avoid any spoilers!!!!

To get more info on Immortal (as much as you’ll get online), visit their official website here. Also check them out on Facebook. Tickets are priced at R200 – R250, depending on the booking, and are available through Computicket. If you have seen the show, let me know what you thought! And if you haven’t seen it, are you planning on going? Curious to hear all about it!!!!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: December 2017