A quick Google search suggests that there are almost 40 000 restaurants and cafes in London. That’s a whole lotta eating out that I Love Foodies still has to do. But, alas, we’re not there yet. So here you’ll find five of our best in the I Love Foodies Top London Restaurants of 2019. Don’t forget to also check out the Top Cape Town Restaurants of 2019 and the Top New York Restaurants of 2019!

In no particular order, here are the I Love Foodies Top London Restaurants of 2019!


Northbank definitely showed us some love this year. Situated on the north bank of the Thames River and just a little way down from St Paul’s Cathedral – yet away from the hustle and bustle of it all – this restaurant definitely impresses with its range of locally-sourced dishes and ingredients. We loved their seared scallops and tuna tartare but, personally, what impressed me most was the slow-cooked lamb knuckle, served with black cabbage and anchovy dressing. The anchovy dressing weirded me out at first but turned out to be so insanely delicious that I can’t help but tell everyone about it. They also serve up some wicked cocktails! And amazing desserts.

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Top London Restaurants northbank

The BEST dessert in the world

Leonardslee House

I have a love-love relationship with Leonardslee House. Their gardens are astounding and it’s so much fun to walk around. Restaurant Interlude, their main fine dining establishment, is beyond extraordinary and recently was awarded its first Michelin star. It made it on to the Top London Restaurants of 2018 list last year. This year I didn’t go back to Interlude but I did join Leonardslee for a gorgeous Afternoon Tea, which certainly trumps all other afternoon teas I’ve ever had. Think the best Scotch Eggs, trout finger sandwiches, the most delicious scones you’ll ever encounter, and a whole assortment of delicious sweet treats.

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Top London Restaurants leonardslee

Leonardslee High Tea

Mon Plaisir

Mon Plaisir is the oldest French restaurant in London, and, of course, it had to find its way on to this list. I had the best beef tartare of my life here! And everything was perfect. But not only is the food beyond divine – the whole restaurant is gorgeous. It has that beautiful comfortable old-school feel to it, which is such a welcome relief in the modern bustle of inner-city London. Literally, it’s like stepping into a time capsule back to where things were a little simpler. More beautiful. More content. And way more peaceful.

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Top London Restaurants mon plaisir

Beef Tartare

Island Grill

I published the review on Island Grill just the other day but I couldn’t possibly leave this restaurant out. I’m dreaming about those gorgeous starters we had – crab salad and smoked salmon – and those massive portions! And then, of course, their beef rib was beyond divine. So soft, so delicious. Definitely had a winning meal here!

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Top London Restaurants dorset crab salad

Island Grill Dorset Crab Salad


Last, but certainly not least, I have to include a personal favourite in this list: Tonkotsu. I’m slightly obsessed with ramen and have it in 99% of the place I go to (if they have it on the menu, of course). I’ve been to a bunch of ramen places in London – as well as the rest of the world (another firm favourite is Cocolo Ramen in Berlin) – but Tonkotsu hands-down beats them all. Their tonkotsu is my go-to ramen! And it’s perfect for the colder months!!!

I’ve never actually written a full review of Tonkotsu for I Love Foodies, but I’ll divert you to one of the many Instagram posts I’ve done on this gem of a spot.

Top London Restaurants tonkotsu ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen | Image courtesy of Tonkotsu.

And there you have it, the I Love Foodies Top London Restaurants of 2019! Have you been to any of these? Would you highly recommend we visit a particular spot? Let us know!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: December 2019

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