It’s that time of year again – time to round off the end of the I Love Foodies calendar with our Top Restaurants of the Year lists. This year we have three lists for you – for all of our I Love Foodies hot spots. So here you’ll find the Top Cape Town Restaurants of 2019. But don’t forget to check out the Top London Restaurants of 2019 and the Top New York Restaurants of 2019.

So, with no further a-due, and, as always, in no particular order, here are the I Love Foodies Top Cape Town Restaurants of 2019!

Exhibit A

You may or may not have heard of Exhibit A. May, because they’re awesome. May not, because they’re pretty brand new. Chef duo Rikku Ó’Donnchü and Warwick King are the masterminds behind this restaurant, now also joined by Christiaan De Jongh. And what makes Exhibit A so special? Well, everything really. From perfecting firm favourites – such as scallops, potatoes, and duck – to creating unique newbies such as their trademark Holy Smoke (it looks like a cigar and ashtray but is actually a bao bread cigar served with onion mousse), a cruelty-free Foie Gras, Cowpea Panna Cotta, and a beetroot dessert, this restaurant will send your tastebuds on a rollercoaster ride of experience. I literally just visited this restaurant the other day so the review isn’t even live on I Love Foodie yet (coming soon …) but I couldn’t write a top list without including this gem!!!

Buuuut, you can have a look at our Instagram Highlights Reel for Exhibit A here. (skip forward to get to Exhibit A)

The Exhibit A Duck Dish

La Colombe

2019 marks the year I FINALLY visited La Colombe. And this restaurant was worth the wait. And it’s totally worth the hype. Honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life, and coming from a foodie like me who eats out a gazillion times a year (the current I Love Foodies count is at over 700 reviews), that means the world. La Colombe is perfect, and a short paragraph like this wouldn’t do it justice – you’ll have to read the full review. Or look at the pictures. Or the video. Actually, all of the above. You’ll thank me later.

Read the full I Love Foodies review on La Colombe here.

Top Cape Town Restaurants la colombe

Can you believe that this was a palate cleanser?


This was a real surprise this year. Botanicum is situated next to Foxcroft in Constantia (more on Foxcroft in a bit), and I really wasn’t sure what to expect upon visiting. But the restaurant blew me away. From roasted bone marrow to lamb shank to seared tuna, everything on the menu was exceptional – with pretty decent prices. And the service was phenomenal too! They operate as a cafe during the day – and, disclaimer, I haven’t been during the day to sample the cafe menu – but if the evening menu is anything to go by, then everything you’ll have here will rock your world.

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Top Cape Town Restaurants botanicum

Gorgeous bone marrow


The Cellars-Hohenort is one of my favourite places in Cape Town. Honestly. From the beautiful gardens to the High Teas to the spectacular Greenhouse restaurant, Cellars-Hohenort is one of the I Love Foodies favourites. Earlier this year we were lucky enough to visit Greenhouse, which was also on the I Love Foodies Must-Visit Fine Dining Restaurants of 2019 list (as was La Colombe). So super excited to have been there, and, honestly, it was a real honour to dine here. From the raw blue prawns cooked at the table, the divine caramel smoked duck, the exceptional wine pairing, and the fantastic service, everything at Greenhouse is world-class!

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Top Cape Town Restaurants greenhouse

Prettiest duck dish?

Cafe Charles

Cafe Charles is another one of those secret gems that we would have never expected to rock our world. You’ve probably driven past the cafe in De Waterkant a dozen times, not giving it a second thought. Just your average cafe, right? Wrong. And you should give it a second thought. In fact, you should give them multiple thoughts. This is a real fine dining gem – surprisingly – with the comfort and casualness of a cafe. Everything is worth loving.

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Top Cape Town Restaurants cafe charles

Ostrich steak

Two More Notable Mentions

I do need to mention two more restaurants that were phenomenal: Foxcroft and Gate at Quoin Rock. Since I’m only doing a top 5, I had to cut the list down. Foxcroft was in our top restaurants list last year, and they’re still as phenomenal as always and definitely deserve all the acclaim they receive. Gate is more of a newcomer and Sabine had been there while I was in London, and she absolutely loved it. I’ll definitely have to go try it myself soon.

But there they are, in a nutshell, the I Love Foodies Top Cape Town Restaurants of 2019!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: December 2019

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