I had the pleasure of trying Guyall’s Kitchen & Deli a few years back, and so was delighted when they surprised me with a delivery to sample some of their newer items a little while back. Guyall’s, as you may know, is a catering and frozen food delivery company that has been going strong in Cape Town since 2017. And for good reason — their food is divine!

Guyall’s Kitchen & Deli was started by a husband and wife team, Guy and Lyall (hence, Guyall). Both qualified chefs, the two share the food they love with their client base, all the while focusing on local and sustainable produce. There are numerous aspects to the business, and they offer catering services, as well as a deli and deliveries option. The latter, of course, is the one I’m most familiar with, and it is comprised of a weekly menu of delicious dishes that are cooked and frozen on-site, and then delivered to your home.

[As an aside, I’ve recently tried quite a few frozen food delivery services, including Chefs at Home and Mint Food at Home, as well as other DIY home kits from Dough Boys Pizza, Guiltless Protein Bakery, and the Lockdown Cooks]

Selection of frozen food dishes from Guyall's Kitchen & Deli

An assortment of goodies

Guyall's Kitchen & Deli Potato Bake - Still Frozen

Frozen parmesan potato bake

Guyall's Kitchen & Deli Beef Lasagna - Still Frozen

Frozen beef lasagna

An Intro To Guyall’s Kitchen & Deli

The one thing that really stands out with Guyall’s is their wonderful variety. From classics like Beef Lasagna, available in mini, small, and large portions, to Pork Spit Roast, which sounds amazing, and dessert options like Peppermint Crisp Tart, they really do have everything that your tummy could desire.

A new menu is released every Monday, you have until Wednesday to order, and you’ll get your delivery of frozen meals by Thursday – brilliant! And since everything’s frozen, you can pre-order for a week or two or even three, if you’re particularly in love with the menu, and rest assured that you’ve got high-quality, hearty food ready at all times.

The team has also taken a shift to be environmentally conscious and no longer send out recipes notes for each dish. Instead, everything is online. You can access the recipe instructions for each dish, together with a full list of ingredients and serving suggestions. My favourite part? The humorous or insightful quotes that decorate each page, such as:

“Diet is DIE with a T ~ Garfield”

Beef & Red Wine Pie, Beef Lasagne, Parmesan Potato Bake

Enjoying a selection of goodies: Beef & red wine pie, beef lasagna, and the parmesan potato bake

Slice of cheesy beef lasagna

How deliciously cheesy is this lasagna?

Slice of parmesan potato bake

Gorgeous parmesan potato bake – and, yes, there’s tons of parmesan in this and you can really taste it!

Slice of beef and red wine pie with pie crust

This beef and red wine pie was also great – tons of filling!

Two portions of roast tomato soup with salt and pepper

My sister told me to wipe the salt shaker before taking the picture – I should have listened! The roast tomato soup was divine though!

My Personal Menu

As you’ve probably guessed, I tried a range of the Guyall’s Kitchen items, including the Beef Lasagna, Chicken Thigh Tagine, Sweet & Sour Pork, Beef & Red Wine Pie, Vegan Roast Tomato & Basil Soup, Potato & Parmesan Bake, Parmesan Mashed Potatoes, Brown & Wild Rice, and the Chocolate & Hazelnut Mud Pie.

Heating It Up

Everything – yes, EVERYTHING – was delicious! Most items simply need to be popped into the oven for 20 minutes or heated up in a pot. If you order ample sides, then you won’t need to cook additions (though you may want to create dishes like mashed potatoes or rice yourself). Guyall’s also offers the option of complete meals, like with spaghetti bolognese, where you don’t need to add any sides or extras.

Winning Dishes

It’s hard to choose an absolute favourite but if I had to recommend just one single dish, then it would have to be the Sweet & Sour Pork. This was absolutely divine and one of the best frozen food creations I have ever eaten! I can also highly recommend the Chocolate & Hazelnut Mud Pie – yum! This is just as good as any delightful chocolate fondant you’d order in a restaurant – my heart melted with joy while eating this!!!

Let’s Talk Prices

Price-wise, Guyall’s is also fantastic. Let’s take the Beef Lasagne as an example. You’re looking at R45 for a 185 g portion, R90 for a R375 g portion, and R150 for a 750 g portion. As with Mint Food At Home, the Guyall’s beef lasagne is 100% quality – rich, tasty meat, deliciously cheesy, and definitely not stuffed with cheap ‘fillers’. Home-cooked goodness at its best.

Sweet & Sour Pork by Guyall's Kitchen & Deli

This sweet and sour pork was definitely the winning dish for me!

Guyall's Kitchen & Deli molten chocolate & hazelnut mud pie

I swear you can taste this by just looking at it!!!!

Chicken thigh tagine

The chicken tagine surprised me – I wasn’t sure of the flavours at first but ended up really enjoying this!

Try Guyall’s Kitchen & Deli

I’d definitely have Guyall’s again. Plus, they’re just such a lovely company that it’s a joy to eat their food. Food made with love, I guess.

Ordering is super simple. Head over to their website to check out their weekly menu. There’s a new menu every Monday! Select your options, confirm your order by Wednesday, and get your frozen food delivered by Thursday. It’s that simple.

For more information, visit their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

And if you give them a try, enjoy!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: August 2020


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