The Rise Of Health Food Shops In Cape Town

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Health-based tourism, healthy living, and health food shops have recently grown in popularity in Cape Town, which can be attributed to the high number of South African athletes and the city’s outstanding nature, perfect for outdoor activities – both of which inspire healthy living. What makes our local health food shops particularly interesting is how unique they are, catering to just about every kind of lifestyle.

Get to know some of our city’s most popular and diverse health hubs with the following list of some of our favourite health food shops in Cape Town.

Wellness Warehouse as a One-Stop Shop

Wellness Warehouse is a very popular health food store in Cape Town that has many locations and offers online delivery as well. It aims to be a go-to shop for everything health-related, including food, natural beauty products, eco-friendly yoga gear, and sustainable products for the home and entire family. Convenient and full of just about everything, a visit to Wellness Warehouse or their online store will get you the inspiration needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

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XTreme Nutrition for all of your Sport Supplement Needs

For athletes, powerlifters, gym-lovers, and those just dipping their foot in a workout regimen, XTreme Nutrition at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre is a fantastic resource for all things physical fitness. This store focuses specifically to focus on supplementation and protein shakes for muscle gain and fat loss. No matter what your workout or sport of choice is, you will get all of your supplement and protein needs covered here with expert advice.

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Organic Living for a Plant-Based Focus

With the global trend of veganism going strong, it makes sense that many people who want to visit health food stores may also be on the lookout for vegan-friendly products. Organic Living, a beautiful eco-focused shop with a wide variety of products, caters to vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians with their abundance of plant-based and cruelty-free products, including specialty dairy-free cheeses and chocolate. What’s even better? The health food store is currently in the midst of establishing an online shop so you can order your vegan favourites from the comfort of your own home!

Faithful To Nature: Your Online Go-To

Another online favourite go-to is Faithful To Nature, which prides itself on being exactly what its name suggests, and offers the best in natural goods. You can choose from a wide list of food items, supplements, beauty care, and sporting / yoga equipment that’s made ethically and 100% good for you.

Yay For Healthy Cape Town

The grass may always look greener on the other side, but that is definitely not the case when looking at the wide variety of health food shops in Cape Town. Whether you’re looking to get all your needs met in one location, specifically looking for sports-related products and supplements, or are on the hunt for vegan and cruelty-free items, our city really does have it all!

Written by Jane Sandwood

Article Date: August 2018


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