Only A Few More Days To Get Your Entertainer 2018 For R395!

Yup, can’t believe time has flown this quickly but the end of January is almost upon us (eeeeek!), and with that comes the end of the Entertainer 2018 deal we’ve told you about before. So here’s your little reminder to get the app if you haven’t yet.

Currently, the Entertainer 2018 is available at the Early Bird price of R395, which includes the free Cheers App. The Entertainer App gives you thousands of two-for-one deals on restaurants, hotels, retail experiences, massages, spa treatments, sports classes, museum entries, and more. Last week we saved R200 off dinner! How awesome is that? And the Cheers App gives you hundreds of two-for-one deals on cocktails, drinks, coffees, and more. This year there is also an additional section where you get percentages off certain things – for example, 50% off a cake order or 20% off coffee capsules.

But what’s more is that if you purchase your Entertainer App with the ILOVEFOODIES code, you’ll not only get it at the early bird price with the free Cheers App, but you’ll also be entered into an amazing competition where you stand the chance of winning a GoPro Hero 6, Amazon Echo, or Phantom 4 Drone. So if you love winning, then you don’t wanna miss out on this.

If you’re not yet certain on whether or not you would enjoy the Entertainer App, remember that you can download the app for free from your app store and browse all the offers. You have to activate it though with a key you’ll receive after you’ve purchased it from the website. Here’s the link:

Don’t forget to add in the ILOVEFOODIES code when you purchase. It won’t reflect as a discount but you will be entered into the competition. Enjoy!



Seriously. Do we still need to remind people to save? Unfortunately so, because only half of Cape Town residents are actually sticking to the water restrictions. This means that the rest of us who are already saving need to do MORE just to ensure we don’t actually hit Day Zero. It’s totally not fair (if you know someone who isn’t saving, punch them to sanity), but life never is. So let’s do something about it instead.

Here are some handy tricks to save, save, save our most precious resource:

In restaurants:

  • If you order a glass of water in a restaurant – DRINK IT! Yes, many restaurants have begun not serving tap water at all (which is not only a capitalistic decision but also illegal if they have a liquor licence), but the only reason they’re probably doing this is because so many people order tap water and then not drink it. Which is a waste.
  • Plead restaurants to STOP SERVING ICE. So many restaurants still provide glasses and buckets of ice or serve their dishes on ice. It may be comfortable and look oh-so-nice but it’s really not important. If enough people ask, maybe this will change.

In the bathroom:

  • Stick to two minute showers. Shorter if you can. Also switch off the tap while soaping up, shampooing, scrubbing, or shaving. You can cut your water use in half that way!
  • Don’t have big meetings, a fancy date, and haven’t sweated up a storm? Skip the shower. Wet wipes will do just fine.
  • Keeping clean and hygienic is important. But you don’t have to wash your hands all the time. Stock up on hand sanitiser instead and use it when you can.
  • Use Dry Shampoo if you can. Head on over to Lipgloss Is My Life and check out her beauty water saving tips for some suggestions of which brands to stick to. She also has some cool ideas of what else you can do to look awesome and not use water.
  • Use a glass of water to brush your teeth / rinse your mouth.
  • Use grey water to flush your toilet. ALWAYS. You can collect grey water from showering with a bucket, washing and rinsing your dishes in a bucket, washing your hands over a bucket, re-using the water you cook with (but if you’re cooking veggies you should just drink it; it’s healthy and delicious). Literally, so many ways to collect grey water.

In your garden & out and about:

  • Give up on your lawn. If we run out of water it’s gonna die anyway.
  • And give up on your pool. There’s still so many that top up their pools. Illegal much? Take a dip in the ocean instead. The cold is good for you.
  • Support the #DriveDirty campaign. Clean cars are so 2016.
  • And please don’t forget that all water-saving bathroom tips apply to your work and entertainment spaces too. Don’t flush if it’s a Numero One. No one is gonna be weirded out – we’re all so used to it now. And, businesses, please provide hand sanitiser to your employees so hand-washing is cut down. We’ve seen this done in a few places and it works brilliantly. 

And remember, you can report any restriction offence / water wasters to the City of Cape Town by calling 0860 103 089 (choose option 2: water-related faults), e-mailing, online through their Service Requests tool, by SMSing 31373 (max of 160 characters), or Whatsapping 063 407 3699. Please do this if you know of offenders.