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Feastival. A festival that’s a feast. Does it get any better? When I first heard about Feastival earlier this year, I was pretty ecstatic. Obviously. It was to be held at the Grand Cafe and Beach Bar towards the end of summer, on one of those last beautiful sunny days where the ocean still seems like a cool escape and winter has not yet hit.

Promoted primarily as a day festival, I headed to Feastival just after lunch and browsed around the arts and craft section for a bit before heading over to the food, always the main attraction in my world. I’d already read through the Facebook Events Page and knew I was heading towards Gushi Sushi, partly because I love sushi, partly because I love the name. But there was so much else to choose from as well, and after spotting pancakes – served with bananas and caramel – I knew I had to have some of that too!

I’ll keep this short and just say that it was a fantastic event, offering great entertainment, and an afternoon of sunshine, friends, music, laughter, and, most importantly, good food.

But now winter has come and Feastival is ready to launch its second big event, coming up this Saturday, and, in light of this, let’s hear from our star of the day, Gal Ezra, one of the founding members of Feastival:

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I’m assuming Feastival was born from the same team as We Love Summer. Who are all of you guys?

Yes! And another partner is on board, Drue Thuysman, the man behind the Warehouse Movement – a series of warehouse parties throughout winter, along with other collaborations year round. The We Love Summer team is comprised of Aviv Levi, Wesley Billett, Brett Aitken and me. We all saw a vision for a food, music, design and art orientated winter experience highlighting all things local and leaving everyone with broadened visions! We wanted something extra for Cape Town – where usually events are mainly summer orientated. We knew a good way to get people out of hibernation was through their bellies, hence, Feastival was born 🙂

You launched Feastival at the end of summer at the Grand Café and Beach Bar, but the next one will move indoors for winter. Was it meant to be a ‘winter’ version of We Love Summer, or will it run alongside We Love Summer in future?

Feastival has always been a winter concept and lives in an entirely different space to We Love Summer, which is a music-centric event. In short, it’s definitely not a ‘winter version’ of We Love Summer, but rather an entirely new and unique experience that makes up a part our portfolio of ‘celebrations’.

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What makes Feastival uniquely Capetonian, and what is the Cape Townian emphasis on art, design, and food all about?

Cape Town is so beautiful, unique and special. Cape Town has SO much to offer – more than it gives itself credit for. So, we wanted to truly highlight this by gathering local creative minds and making Feastival a truly local initiative. We believe that it’s super important to nurture our local creative scene, and we hope that Feastival will become a platform which can facilitate and emphasise this going forward.

How much time/effort goes into the organisation of an event like this? What’s the most difficult/complicated part?

This is our full time job, and it’s one we are extremely passionate about. We work year-round to come up with new ideas, piece together creative items and make sure we are offering experiences that leave people with more than they were expecting. Quite a bit goes into it. In our eyes, the most important part of our jobs is managing people’s experiences, and while that is an extremely creative job, it’s also a time-consuming logistics game!

How would you rank the success of the last Feastival and what have you learnt from it?

I rate it very highly! It was our first Feastival ever, and it seems people enjoyed it, which made us happy. We have now learnt how to streamline everything, grow it, and make sure the journey through a Feastival is a really enjoyable one.

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Apart from being indoors, how will this next Feastival be different?

Our next Feastival is a Night Feast. Where the last one ended at night, this one really only begins in the evening. There will be more traders. And this time, it’s truly winter – so it will be our vision played out before our eyes. This one is very different and it will be really, really cool 🙂 Or at least we like to think so!

We’ve also taken up shop in our new home for the winter, the historic Palms Centre in Woodstock. Apart from being an architectural masterpiece, it has a century long history entrenched in food culture – as it originally housed one of the country’s first bread and biscuit factories. We really couldn’t ask for a more fitting space.

Lastly, we recently welcomed an official sponsor on board to help us make the feast that much better and card payments that much more simple. We are extremely happy to announce that we have partnered with local tech start-up YOCO as our official payments partner going forward. We’re excited to develop our relationship with this awesome local business.

What’s next in store for you and your team?

We are focused on seeing how this concept can grow and really find its place in Cape Town! In addition to that, we are busy planning the summer and beyond!

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The next Feastival – The Night Feast – takes place this Saturday, 20 June, from 16:00 at The Palms Centre in Woodstock. For more information on The Night Feast, the food, the arts, design, and music, visit the Facebook Event Page. You can get your tickets online or at the door, cash and card accepted.

To stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of Feastival, be sure to check out their Facebook page as well and go ahead and give them a like. This young team of brilliant minds deserves all the support.

I’m looking forward to this one, and I hope to see all of you there!!!

Happy feasting.

Written by Benike Palfi

Interview Date: June 2015