Eatlean Cheese Is Coming To South Africa


I love cheese. I mean, who doesn’t? And can we even be friends if you don’t? No, no, jokes aside, cheese is a pretty incredible thing.  A little hungry? Have a block of cheese. Sad? Have it molten over pizza, mushrooms, bread, pretty much anything. Wanting a treat? It’s magic in cheesecake, cream cheese frosting etc. So, basically, cheese is a cure-it-all.

Now, full disclosure, I like fat in my cheese. It’s one of the many reasons I eat it. (I live a high fat, low carb lifestyle). But I know that there are a lot of peeps who avoid cheese because of the fat content and its calories. And that is where Eatlean comes in, a low fat, high protein cheese that is launching in SA soon!

the chef's studio cape town

matt manning chef's studio

eatlean box

Eatlean Pre-Launch Event

A little while ago a bunch of foodie people were invited to Matt Manning’s pretty awesome The Chef’s Studio for the pre-launch of Eatlean in South Africa. Of course, no launch of anything is ever just a ‘tadaaaa, here is the product’ and this was no different.

Mysterious boxes labelled Eatlean, counters full of fresh beautifully labelled ingredients, and aprons awaited us. Now, if you have never been to The Chef’s Studio, it’s an interactive cooking space complete with cooking stations so that the average Joe/y can attempt to be a chef!

We, the foodie peeps, some actual chefs, and some hopeless at anything to do with cooking, were going to attempt to create dishes using whatever was in our mystery box, any of the fresh ingredients, and, of course, Eatlean cheese.

eatlean chef's studio

eatlean with wine

About Eatlean

But first we were introduced to Eatlean cheese by Ryan and Neil, the guys who brought it to SA. In a nutshell, Eatlean was developed in the UK about four years ago by third-generation cheesemaker George Heeler.  There are five products in the range: Original, Smoked, Tasty, Spreadable, and Shakers. All-natural, high protein, low calorie, with more than 90% less fat than regular cheddar cheese (except the Tasty), and lactose-free (except the Spreadable).

ingredients chef's studio

ingredients chef's studio

fresh veggies

The Cook-Off

Back to the programme. After our cook-off challenge was explained to us –  create three dishes and a pretty spread – Ashleigh from Fitmom and I began our kitchen adventure. Now, if there is one thing that scares the living daylights out of me, it’s being asked to cook.

Luckily Jan Harmsgat Wines were there to provide some courage. Ash and I discussed our battle plan. I started on the spread, Ash on the cooking, and 45 minutes later we had created one pretty spread, two dishes, and a dessert. All contained Eatlean cheese of course!


Eatlean spreadable



I’m always happy when I manage to not burn down the kitchen and even happier when the food I helped create is actually edible. So yay me. As to Eatlean cheese, it’s well worth a try, especially if you are fat- and calorie-conscious!

Eatlean cheese will be available at select Pick ‘n Pay and Shoprite stores from mid-October. For more info, visit the South African Eatlean website.

A huge thank you to Eatlean, Matt Manning and his chefs at The Chef’s Studio, Mitch from Jan Harmsgat Wines, and Kim and Josie from Open Doors Collective!

Written by Sabine Palfi

Article Date: October 2019


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